Bands we miss – “where the hell *are* they?” edition

Usually our “Bands we miss” series focuses on bands we know to have disbanded, broken up, gone to that CD clearance rack in the sky. This day we look at three bands, as it happens all hailing from synth mecca Sweden, who live in a limbo state, unknown where they are, what’s gotten into them, what they’re up to. Each one is a band we miss terribly and it’s made all the worse for not knowing. In each case we tried to reach the band or their management and still no dice. 

Backlash. This Swedish trio have gone through a lot of changes, including a change of lead vocalist (including the rare gender-change-up on front-person), but since their last album, the terrific Shape of Things to Come in 2007 they have been largely quiet save for a very neat three song EP, Quiet Men, a couple of very cool classic Ultravox covers released in 2009. Other than that tidbit, all has been quiet on the Backlash front. We have long celebrated Backlash for a truly distinctive sound, resplendent in its shoving of many extra notes into a single beat. So it’s all the sadder that their web presence has gone dark with nary a word about what they’re up to.

They made many a noise in the wake of the last album. Quoted in Release Magazine, band member Oskar Lygner was quoted saying in 2007, “Hopefully we can record everything this autumn so the listeners don’t have to wait three years again. I also think that the next album will come as a surprise to many; it won’t be “Shape of Things to Come 2”. You will get a whole new kind of sound this time. There are eleven songs, quite dark but not sad and a bit harder than before. Not so much pop this time.” It sounded most cool, but here we are more than three years on and no new album that seemed to be on the edge of being recorded way back when. We’ve had no word of a break up so what gives?

Rezonance. This trip hop duo, again, out of Sweden also had a lovely, distinct haunting bass-heavy sound that made their debut album, Black Filters a delight. However since its 2005 (!) release they’ve also gone dark save for noise about a new album going back a few years now and news of their having moved into their own recording studio just a couple of years ago. Again, no announcement of a break up and we live in the hopes that we’ll see a follow-up at some point but with no news we are rapidly losing hope.

Michigan. Probably our favourite of the three based on the consistency of their output, this Swedish electro-pop duo have also been curiously quiet since 2007’s Pulse of Pain, the most consistently listenable of their three great albums, which were each released on a pretty steady pattern separated by a couple of years each. But this marks their longest period of silence between projects, made even more worrisome by the last update made on their website: “Michigan is back from a long break. Now, the band will finish recording the upcoming album. Hopefully the album will see the light later this year, but no statements has been done.” Only this was nearly two years ago. Like the song says, makes one go hmm.

In each case these are great bands that bring a lot to the table in terms of contributing to the electronic community. Each one is missed with the not knowing the worst part. Do they get added to the pile of bands that are truly dead, buried and properly missed or are they sitting back in hiding waiting for their moment to emerge back into the sunlight with exciting new product. Only time will tell, one supposes, but it would be nice to know one way or the other…

Watch: Backlash – Splinter

Watch: Rezonance – Mono Love

Watch: Michigan – The Nomad


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