Ultravox back for more

Ooh, ooh, yes = this. Amidst the rash of defunct classic electronic acts starting to resurface (Human League, O.M.D.), the latest to hit the boards is Ultravox. They’ve been touring the classic Rage in Eden album but now, best news of all they are recording new material for a new album. They left things back in the day on a bit of a sour note with the disappointing, overblown U-Vox album in 1986 and then a line up change that saw Billy Currie the lone original member still hanging in and a trio of pretty ordinary, lousy albums left in the wake. But the Midge Ure-led line up is recharged and has been working on new material since last year. No release date yet but the band have confirmed the great news on their web site.

One of our favourite bands back in the day, and the purveyors of Vienna, one of our very favourite albums of all time, this return is most welcome. While we know the classic returns can sometimes be underwhelming following perhaps-unrealistic expectations, we have high hopes for this one. Welcome back, boys.


One Response to “Ultravox back for more”

  1. This is by far, one of the best news to come from England in a lonnng time! I have been a fan since Vienna as a child of the 80’s (thanks to my bro for introducing this amazing band on our summer jaunts to the lake!). I have no doubt they will provide proper closure that u-vox never did (Warren left the band before this – he is the beat of ultravox), and provide all fans new and old with a masterpiece… can’t wait!

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