The Softsynth flavour of the week – Culture Kultür

Spain’s Culture Kultür are one of the better-kept secrets in the electronic music community. Their third full-length album, Spirit, was released late in 2010 and didn’t get on the Softsynth radar early enough for consideration for the top 10 of the year but now that we’ve had some time to sit down with it and let it sink in, it’s quickly become a real keeper.

Culture Kultür are a funny animal – a little bit EBM, especially on their earliest work, a little bit darkwave, a little bit electropop. Hard to pin down and resultingly, not always the most memorable artist in the electro stable. But their last album, Reborn, had a lot of terrific songs that seemed to live as fun, well written, well produced tracks of their own accord, rather than anything larger, any kind of more meaningful collection from a band that might leap to mind when considering the best of the genre. But their latest has a more clearly defined, pop-influenced sound and the crispness of the production on Spirit allows the listener to really hear how clever the melodic choices, how subtle the key changes or sound choices, how inspired some of the lyrical choices (always a marvel for artists writing in a language that is not their first; listen to the lovely lyrics in the verses of “Drum Machine” and get a real gut feeling as to what’s going on in the minds of this band, the chorus maybe less so…). The album sounds extraordinarily fresh and modern while at the same time embodying some of the best trappings of classic electronic music of yesteryear.

The album is so good (with perhaps the curious exception of a misguided cover of Joy Devision’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”), that it causes us to go back and re-listen to the earlier work and damn if it isn’t better than we even remembered. There’s nice touches throughout their twelve-year recording career and they’ve amassed a really impressive catalogue that any fan of electronic music could embrace.

Add them to your playlist post-haste!


One Response to “The Softsynth flavour of the week – Culture Kultür”

  1. it’s a great album. I like it!

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