Bands We Miss – Technoir

There are few bands whose passing saddened us more than that of Germany’s Technoir. Singer Julia Beyer left to pursue her numerous other interests (to her great credit she’s been keeping it electro singing with various bands providing the highlight from the last Mesh album, doing some beautiful work with Patenbrigade:Wolff and predominantly providing lead vocals for Chandeen) and the future of the band seems murky at best.

They produced two terrific gold-standard albums, Groundlevel and Deliberately Fragile before petering out. They produced the kind of electro-pop with a soupcon of darkwave and a whole lot of synth bass that hit exactly the right note for those fans of late-80s Depeche Mode, which Softsynth considers the ultimate sweet spot for electronic music. In the early aughts, when Technoir emerged, there wasn’t a lot of music the way they made it and their early work was as welcome as a cup of water to a man dying of thirst, crawling across the desert of shitty music. They never met with a lot of commercial success save for their cover of Killing Joke’s classic “Love Like Blood” but the two albums-worth of songs they left behind were special.

Efforts to find out what co-founding member Steffen Gehring is up to have come to naught, though there have been interesting traces. In 2009 Gehring contributed a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Lie to Me” on Alfa Matrix’s Re:Covered – A Tribute To Depeche Mode, sans Beyer (seemingly providing the vocal himself) but as Technoir, and more recently another (underwhelming) new track – “Human Shapes” on Alfa Matrix’s Electronic Body Matrix 1 compilation but these little teases haven’t illuminated any kind of meaningful future for the band.

Some news on whether or not Gehring is preparing for a future for this band would be wonderful but meantime we have two exceptional albums to keep us warm as we enjoy their sounds and settling for missing them fondly…


3 Responses to “Bands We Miss – Technoir”

  1. You are Absolutely Right…

  2. Such a great band ! And I’d love to get the lyrics to Dying Star, if someone could post them here or somewhere…

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