Review: Intuition – Berlin Sky

We’ve always had a soft spot for US synth pop band Intuition. They’ve possessed an unabashed, knowledgeable ken for making electronic pop music that sticks. Criminally underrated and known less than they should be, they’ve managed to stick it out longer than many might have given them credit for. It’s been a staggering six years since their last album, the very solid and prophetically titled Overworked and Underplayed. It had been so long since we heard from Garrett Miles and Ken Porter that we were preparing a Bands We Miss entry for the band when we came across their Facebook group where they confirmed they had a new album in the works. Several months later the album – their third – is upon us.

So after the wait, what have they wrought? Well, succinctly, more of the same, though that’s far from a knock. Sadly there is no “Stargate” or “Stronger” the fantastic songs that anchored each of their previous albums. There’s no “wow moment” on the album. But what is here is smart, beautifully produced electro pop (kudos to so many DIY bands of the day who are knocking it out of the part from a production end). Sure, the guitar-driven ballad “Last Night” comes off as drippy and unaffecting, and “Time of Your Life” feels like a song that’s building to…something…but never quite gets there, but at the same time we’re treated to lovely tracks like the melodically beautiful synth-bass-dominant “Enemy of Fear”, “Alone”, a perfectly executed synth pop plodder, and the anthemic “All That We’ve Made”. It’s not a perfect album, we’re not even sure it’s a great one, but it’s a very solid one and a welcome addition to their existing canon.

Does this clear any new ground? Does this try anything all that bold and adventurous? No, no it doesn’t. But not every new release needs to clear a new path when the path already trodden has been so successfully thus. Intuition know what they do – even after so long away – and they do it very well.



3 Responses to “Review: Intuition – Berlin Sky”

  1. Garrett Miles Says:

    i really love Enemy of Fear. Glad you liked that one. I was disappointed you didnt enjoy Berlin Sky more. we really feel we nailed it on that one. in the end, to each his own but thanks for taking the time to review it honestly and giving us motivation to try even harder 😉

    • softsynth Says:

      Your stuff has always been a grower, and love you guys a lot. Will definitely spend more time with B.S….

  2. Rubens Silva Says:

    I’m from Brazil, heard the album and loved it! Of course, in
    first hearing, is the feeling that the previous album is
    better, but after the third, fourth hearing, I
    I just thought, “I’m glad I came back Intuition”!

    By the way sorry, because I used the google translator of languages​​!

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