LCD Soundsystem tragically plays their last concert but what a concert…

We’ve oft-blogged about our love for LCD Soundsystem, and it was with mixed emotions that we watched (remotely, sadly, we couldn’t make the trip to see this live) their final concert at Madison Square Garden last night. But our sadness at this ending was tempered by just how unbelievably terrific this convert was. Any fan of electronic music needs to watch this – no band is better at taking electronic tracks and recreating them in a live setting using traditional instruments. While we’ve often written about how we’re more amenable to those who keep it electronic live, James Murphy and co just make their show so goddamn interesting it’s a thing of beauty to watch. Go to 2:53:10 to hear “Losing My Edge”, one of Softsynth’s all time favourite songs to see just how perfect an electronic song can be in concert…


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