Wasn’t there this guy who blogged electronic music…?

First off, apologies for the extended absence from this space. Your humble blogger was sick with the pneumonia for quite some time which kept him away from the electronic music discourse. As it happened this absence coincided with a peculiar dearth of meaningful developments within the electronic music world. Made it easier to ease back into the process. A few things percolating though:

– Terrific news on the new release front, though it’s a few months off before we get the best of the lot: Two of Softsynth’s all-time favourite bands release new albums in September, VNV Nation who will release Automatic and Ladytron who will release Gravity the Seducer (and lead single “White Elephant” is most promising). Both are eagerly awaited around these here parts. Meantime The Girl and the Robot have released a new single, “Silence/Borderline” which is a terrific preview of what’s to come from this terrific, exciting new band. Shiny Toy Guns have reunited with original lead singer Carah Faye and have a great new single “The Sun”, a preview of new album III which by all accounts will offer a change-up from disappointing sophomore album, Season of Poison. She Wants Revenge are on tap with a new album, due “in the summer” and we remain ever-hopeful they will return to the witheringly good sound of their debut. Imogen Heap is building her experimental fan-submission-based album song by song with promising early results. Tiger Baby, Erasure, Rupesh Cartel, and excitingly, Greece’s Marsheaux have new albums on the way (with the latter’s new single “Can You Stop Me” an awesome sign of things to come for that band). It’s felt like a long time waiting for great new stuff but much is now on the horizon.

– It’s been strange as we’ve picked over new and newish material over the past few months. We still struggle over trying to get our heads around a Human League album that many who we reverently respect in the electronic music community think is genius and we, with the exception of a few inspired tracks simply can’t get excited by; and we’ve tried to figure out final, holistic thoughts about an And One album we were primed to not like but kind of really do. Hey, these things happen.

– We’ve been away so long that the long, exhaustive post examining the meaning behind the Rebecca Black phenomenon (which Stereogum bizarrely compared to Depeche Mode, musically), that it’s become moot (but suffice it to say we blame will.i.am and Dr. Luke for begetting this unfortunate turn in the fortunes of the music world…maybe more on this later).

– We were inundated with submissions for review of new material from underground and lesser-known electronic bands and it took some time to sort through it all. Much of it blended together in an inoffensive but often forgettable pastiche (as agreed by a small group that listened to the submissions) but we have to single out one album in particular, This Ain’t Art by Pop Smear as something a little different and quite refreshing. Now available commercially, the album allows the band to march to the head of the class of new electronic bands. Well produced, with a touch of soul, it’s good stuff that deserves some listens.

Again, sorry for the lapse, but we’re back and looking at the busy electronic calendar ahead with bated ears. Away we go again…

Watch: Marsheaux – Can You Stop Me


8 Responses to “Wasn’t there this guy who blogged electronic music…?”

  1. deepblue Says:

    Welcome back!

    I’m looking forward to new albums from Ladytron, Shiny Toy Guns, VNV Nation, Ladyhawke and Orbital.

  2. Good to see you back 🙂

  3. glad you’re feeling better.

    i totally hear you on the human league. it’s a good album, and i’m not sad to have bought it, but it’s certainly no work of genius. i don’t even think it’s better than Secrets.

  4. deepblue Says:

    ^ In my opinion, Secrets is better than Credo.

  5. Great to have you back! I have been missing your regular posts and I am really excited about the next few months ahead in electronic music.

  6. Surreal Realm : Instrumental artist that blends flowing melodies and catchy song hooks with elements of genres new age, progressive rock, ambient, symphonic music, and alternative “synthpop” plus strong musicianship.

    “Stellar” – Alex Venis : CiTR 101.9 – Vancouver, BC Canada

    “I enjoy your music…great I must say!” – Cos Jackson : WCER Radio – Indianapolis, Indiana USA

    “Excellent music from America” – Iro : Indiemania Radio – Jakarta, Indonesia

    “The music is great !!!” – Locke : Local Radio – Breman, Germany

    “Sounds great!” – Pete Havey : Radio Mystic – Albuquerque, New Mexico USA


    Endeavors and Ominous Ambience by Surreal Realm – “the digital 45” – both songs now available worldwide on iTunes, Napster, Amazon mp3, and other online music download stores

  7. Hi there,
    here is the 1rst video of our band, Paris Mode, hope you like it ^^
    (we are a non professional band 🙂

    Cheers, Alex, Sylvain and Nico

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