The future of our genre may belong to Northern Kind

We’ve never sung the praises of Northern Kind to the degree we should have, at least not in these pages. And yet, in so many ways they represent the best of our genre. Looking back on our review of their last album, we “liked it” but did we “like it, like it”? Not really. It was seen as a solid, fun, enjoyable, but not necessarily memorable album. And yet looking back at the material that made up that album, Wired:, we are struck by how lasting, how compelling those songs still sound. They have long been one of those bands that is “there”, in the background, always satisfying, never quite rising to the top of the “must listen to this” pile, and yet…and yet.

They have recently released the double-single “Euphonic/Dreams” and these songs, particularly the former, show us how indelible this band really is. “Euphonic” is so good, so much fun, that we went back and listened to their first two albums, back to back, all the way through and realized why so many of their songs are on constant rotation on the Softsynth iPhone playlist – they’re damn good – DAMN good at this stuff. They share in common with Australia’s Parralox, a clear love for the golden age of electronic music and instead of simply mimicking it, they capture what was most meaningful about that music and they update it with a modern flair. We’ve had so many albums sent our way for review that are trying to achieve this balance and fail, that it stands out all the more when a band utterly gets how to do it right and this UK band Gets. It. Right.  We’ve never bought into the constant Yazoo comparisons mainly because a) except for a mild, passing similarity between Sarah Heeley and Alison Moyet’s voices their sound isn’t really that similar and b) they don’t need it – no one will ever measure up to the gold standard Yazoo set, but Northern Kind are carving out a place in the music business that is utterly their own and that’s said in a purely positive way.

We’re excited about a new album from Northern Kind but more than that we’re really taking stock of what a band like this means to electronic music. The fact that this delightful duo are doing what they do means that the torch is kept aloft. There are occasions when we wonder what the future really holds for electronic music, occasions when there is something of a pause in the genre, as we have experienced in recent months that scares is a little, but when we hear new tracks from Northern Kind as good as the ones they are unleashing upon the world we are comforted a little, secure in the knowledge that they have our genre’s back. Long may they do exactly what they are doing…

Watch: Automatic (live)


2 Responses to “The future of our genre may belong to Northern Kind”

  1. Great review & couldn’t agree more……!

  2. Bruce Scheffel Says:

    by far the best new synthpop band…..

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