Imogen Heap still one our most compelling artists

Imogen Heap has long been a Softsynth fave, dating back a number of years to when we accidentally stumbled on her performing “Goodnight and Go” on one of the late night talk shows, just her and a bank of synths. Her last album was a lovely, magnificent achievement and we’ve been waiting with bated breath for the follow-up.

Instead of doing what one might have expected – and we should know to never set expectations with this delightful oddball – her new project is a concept album built track by track, using “submitted sounds” from fans. Each song is constructed from the ground-up and released every three months (which should make for a long album-in-progress) including an original video. So far there have been two terrific tracks released as the results of this project, “Lifeline”, a slow burn contemplative song, and even better the new “Propeller Seeds” which defies easy description. She’s getting stranger and more esoteric with each new project, and that direction won’t be for everyone, but she’s producing some challenging, odd, but compelling music that only enhances her already impressive legacy. Worth checking out the track progressions at her web site as the weeks scroll on.

Watch: Propeller Seeds


One Response to “Imogen Heap still one our most compelling artists”

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