Review: Solar Fake – Frontiers

We’ve posted ad nauseam about how we enjoy electronic music in all its forms and we mean that. From trance to hard core industrial, we dig it all. But that said we often gravitate toward certain sub genres, such as darkwave or electroclash. Mix a little from column A and a little from column B and we’re totally in the musical sweetspot. Solar Fake expertly combine the best of darkwave with a little soupcon of synthpop, a dollop of the Reznor scream and little touches here and there from other areas and the result is about as good as it gets in electronic music. Essentially Germany’s Sven Friedrich, Solar Fake are a bit all over the place with “their” essential style, making it a hard band to pin down stylistically, but that mix works beautifully. At no time does SF do what you expect, each turn a nice surprise that makes you sit back and go “huh”. Dark and screamy “Until I’m Back” with its distorted vocals and pounding beats gives way to lush gothy piano ballad “The Line of Sight”, then to the straight-ahead synthpop of “More Than This”. Friedrich certainly keeps you guessing and the bonus is no matter which way he zigs or zags, it all works. From the band that brought us our favourite cover version of the oft-c0vered “Creep” (see: Collide, Parralox), the knock seemed to be the earlier material seemed a bit genre-derivative but that’s not the case at all. The listener needs to crack open the facade and climb in and experience this stuff up close. It’s solid, it’s confident, and it’s really, really good. A good bet for our top 10 of the year and saying that with confidence in August given the glut of new releases from some of the genre’s most important acts this Autumn, should give the reader an idea of how solidly this album has landed into our lap. Highly recommended.

Watch: More Than This


4 Responses to “Review: Solar Fake – Frontiers”

  1. How can we get you a CD for review?

  2. softsynth Says:

    email for digital files or to get street address.

  3. Any idea where to get this CD in the US? It’s not on Amazon MP3, Zune, eMusic, Spotify, etc.

    • Softsynth Says:

      I don’t think it’s had a physical US release yet though it is available through import on Amazon. You may have to wait a bit for a domestic release…

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