Previews whet the Softsynth appetite

Almost in direct contradiction to the post of a couple of weeks ago decrying the loss of real anticipation of new releases, two of the gold standard, Softsynth-hall-of-fame bands have released teasers for upcoming albums that have us salivating.

To back up a bit, we are mere weeks away from one of those extremely rare occurences when three of the top bands advocated by this blog have brand-spanking new albums all within a week of one another – Assemblage 23, VNV Nation and Ladytron. Already pretty darn tooting exciting at that but we’ve been graced with teasers for the latter two of them (Come on Shear, give us a taste of the new A23 and make it a complete set!) that raise the excitement factor even further. 

The Ladytron preview of Gravity the Seducer is a little taste of the long-awaited follow-up to the very successful Velocifero, and the clips (accompanied by some pretty visuals) shows us a band that’s building on its strengths but with a tough of etherial thoughtfulness. Very atmospheric and sweeping, and we’re sure jazzed.

Even meatier is the cloud preview of VNV Nation’s Automatic. These are nice long clips that really give us a taste of what the newest from Mr. Harris and Co are up to in 2011. On one hand it feels like more of the same – sweeping, hugely anthemic and increasingly melodic (a long way from the long instrumental industrial-flavoured tracks of the early days of the band), but when you’ve stumbled on to such a successful formula keep milking it, because these tracks sound fucking delicious. We are giddy like a schoolgirl about this album upon listening to these previews and Automatic shoots straight to the top of our “gotta-have-this-now” list.

Good things on the way. These three lead the charge but there’s a boat-load of great electronic bands from the synthpop of Erasure to the aggro of System Syn on the way in the coming months as 2011 promises to end with a big bang…


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