Three artists we’re digging this week

One of those periods when we’re inundated with new or new-to-us artists both from our own trolling or from labels and artists submitting their stuff (and keep doing so, it’s how we’ve discovered some of the most interesting bands on the scene). There are several who have been in steady rotation on the Softsynth playlist the last couple of weeks. Three who stand out are…

Defence Mechanism: We’ve been having a blast listening to this Canadian trio’s downright bizarre album, Invasion of the Robot Brains from Planet Zero before realizing they were a) from this blogger’s home country b) played this blogger’s home city back in May without said blogger having even realized it and c) have a web site that uses the exact same theme as that of this blog site. It’s like an EBM musical of a 50’s-era schlock movie, and it’s not only clever as hell but also really well-constructed electronic music. Catchy and dark but very tongue-in-cheek, they’ve shown the maturity of a band that’s been around the block a lot longer. Highly recommend the album.

Tying Tiffany: This Italian darkwave artist has released three albums since 2005 but it’s last year’s Peoples Temple that has caught our attention in a big way and has been lighting up the playlist here. It walks that line between melodic and heavy perfectly and songs like “Miracle” and “Lost Way” are utterly in the Softsynth sweet spot. We feel like we missed a lot of time with this artist and we’re busy catching up now and it’s been an utter joy.

Lords of Acid: Described as “post industrial/techno”, this veteran band have a new single/EP: “Little Mighty Rabbit” and it’s damn good. We’ve always enjoyed LoA, they are hyper-committed to their material, write a terrific hook and are ever-dirty, and frankly we like our electronic music dirty. The creepy-dirty record cover gives way to a gloriously insipid thumping pop song (which we mean in nothing but a positive way), along with a couple of bonus tracks that go even more aggressive than the single including freakish foot fetish ode “Sole Sucker”, that make us genuinely exited about the forthcoming album. You absolutely must check this track out.

Watch: Defence Mechanism – Last Man on Earth (live)

Watch: Tying Tiffany – Miracle



One Response to “Three artists we’re digging this week”

  1. dark matter Says:

    Tying Tiffany is great. Check the video of Show Me What You Got:

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