Review: God Module – Séance

God Module have always danced carefully between industrial aggression and tuneful melody, but on Séance, they’ve hit a new high. Taking advantage of the presence of the extraordinarily talented Clint Carney (System Syn), the band have taken an already-successful formula and perfected it. Never tipping too far into the direction of pure noise, the band have penned a collection of head thrashing songs that also force other body parts into motion.

With truly not a bad song on the album God Module have fashioned one of the more surprising and more accessible electronic albums of the year. It’s as balls-out as ever but there are new layers to the songs. Smart songwriting, clever use of melody, and an easing back on the vocal distortion allowing Jasyn Bangert’s voice to come through more clearly than ever and it works wonderfully. Carney is allowed to break out a couple of vocals too to great effect as is Courtney Bangert (most notably on choice cut “Into the Outside” – though if we have a complaint, it’s the same one we’d have voiced before – more Courtney vocals, please…). Experimentation abounds and the results manifest themselves into an album that would not be out-of-place on the dancefloor. That’s a journey from the band’s earliest work yet it doesn’t diminish them in any way.

It’s a killer album full of nice surprises and solid, thoughtful songs like the mesmerizingly plodding, vocorder-assisted “Remember”, the huge, almost overwhelming “Plastic” and the uptempo, almost poppy “Video”. It’s one of the strongest new electronic releases of the year and must be sampled by any electronic music fan, no matter their stripe. We’re not being too bold in saying it’s the band’s strongest effort to date.

Watch: Rituals (live)


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