Three artists we’re digging this week

There have been big swaths this year where the electronic music been has been nothing short of arid; then, there are times like now when we are blessed with a surfeit of excellent tunes swirling around our heads.

Three artists that are on such heavy rotation on the Softsynth playlist this week they might just develop whiplash. One favourite with new stuff, another this-year-new and another still, new in terms of musical output but one we’ve been waiting for literally, for years.

Tenek are back with a new pack of songs. More accurately, two new songs. With their new EP2, a couple of older songs are repackaged with two new fun songs that just remind us that Tenek’s increasingly consistent successes are no fluke. Of particular note is the wall-of-sound-ish “What Do You Want”, a wonderful full-body electro-pop anthem, the Ep is worth picking up even if just to get your hands and ears on this song (“Elusive” is solid too, if less remarkable).

Earlier this year Little Majorette made their debut with the delightful Rifle Heart, an odd, sometimes slightly confusing confection that is one of the most original new releases of the year. The trio made up of Brit Zoe Durrant, and Swedes Petter Winnberg and Nils Tornqvist have a lot of hands in different projects but it’s on this one that they shine brightest. It’s pop but not just that. It’s electronic but not just that either. Sometimes it sweeps, sometimes it trills, sometimes it strums along to the accompaniment of some mighty pretty acoustic guitar; even a little Latin/flemenco-y moment pops up in “Undercover”. This blogger has been meaning to catch up with them for months but really discovered the album only recently and it’s a treasure. Easily a contender for our top 10 of the year.

The former Javellyn Fate, now simply Javellyn, have at last given us some real product, a new single, “Wannabe”. We first wrote about this project back in January, 2009 – yep, nearly three years ago – when product seemed in the short-term offing, though it’s taken a while to give us something new, but new stuff we now have. The project of former Ashbury Heights singer Yasmine Uhlin (or, Yaz) it’s pop-with-an-edge, and very agreeable it is. It’s not a lot to go on, and we’re anxious to hear more (they also have a great 80’s-esque track called “Beat You” on their MySpace page). Al-bum! Al-bum! Al-bum! Let’s hear more from such a promising new venture! (And worth adding, Yaz, who has always been lovely, has never looked lovelier, the new project is definitely agreeing with her…)

Watch: Little Majorette – Overflow

Watch: Javellyn – Wannabe


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