Prince kicks it out

Your faithful blogger had the chance to catch Prince in concert a couple of days ago, and he delivered a solid, exciting show, as one would expect. But what stood out for this audience member was a section of the show when the tiny purple one put down the guitar, dismissed the band and took to what looked like a baby grand piano, but turned out to be a pretty nifty synthesizer set with some his most interesting samples. He then proceeded to do a nifty electronic medley of some of his most enduring tunes  – “When Doves Cry”, “Sign ‘O The Times”, “Forever in My Life”, “Pop Life” and “Hot Thing”. It was just a series of familiar samples, synths and a very prominent, powerful drum machine and it was pretty magical. It got us to thinking – though known largely as a guitar virtuoso, Prince has been, in his day, and accomplished electronic artist too. During a decade when many of the most resonant electronic songs ever recorded were released upon the world Prince recorded one of the best electronic tunes of the 80s in “When Doves Cry”. He doesn’t go to that well often these days in his recorded material, but he deserves his place in the pantheon of the most influential electronic artists we have known…


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