Three artists we’re digging this week

In the closing weeks of the year we’ve been inundated with exceptional new music. In addition to the terrific Trent Reznor/Attacus Ross soundtrack for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which was released the day of this blog post (and contains a wonderful new How to Destroy Angels song which makes us yearn even more powerfully for a full length album from that outfit), we’ve seen a bundle of great new stuff which has made up the bulk of the Softsynth playlist these past couple of weeks, to whit:

We were plenty fond of the debut album by The Golden Filter last year but their new EP, the soundtrack to the short film they co-produced, Syndromes may be even better. The seven-song collection is even moodier, even more melodramatic (befitting the film itself) than their previous work and it shows a marked growth in what was already an impressively mature band. They are showing real signs of a long, compelling life and its further evidence that some of the best work released this year has been in a short EP format (Vile Electrodes, Curxes, Nightlife).

Watch: Mother

US electro duo Soft Metals have released a fascinating self-titled debut album that defies easy description. A little synth pop, a little disco, a little contemplative techno-y, and often as delicate as a butterfly’s wings, it’s a lovely album that feels familiar and wholly original at the same time.

Watch: Voices

One of Softsynth’s favourite bands is Goldfrapp, though The Seventh Tree was disappointing and Head First was promising but not quite a typical Goldfrapp triumph. For the first time in a long while they really feel like they have their groove back with a spectacular new song, “Yellow Halo”, one of two new singles from their upcoming best-of album (February). Not only is the song absolutely breathtaking, so too is the video, a seemingly random collection of images captured by an iPhone. Sometimes Goldfrapp videos are too weird for their own good but this one is just simply beautiful (while reminding of the technology that can be available literally at our fingertips. The song is so captivating that it makes us rue the fact that the next album is just a collection and that we have to wait all the longer for a new full-length from them, just as it feels like they’re starting to circle back to their sweet spot…

Watch: Yellow Halo


One Response to “Three artists we’re digging this week”

  1. Hi, I’m sorry to do this here, but couldn’t find an email. I have a new video out for my electro project The Russian Apartments, wanted to share:

    Lots more stuff on bandcamp (click my name to get to it — I think if I add another link in this comment it will spam block me).

    Again — sorry for doing this in a comment — hope you like the tunes and the vid!

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