Electronic xmas tunes ’11

Every year we troll about for new electronic holiday music. Perhaps it’s in reaction to the ubiquitousness of the xmas music we hear from radio stations, malls, co-workers computers…in the sea of the same holiday fare those in the electronic community sometimes want a little something to listen to, to get our spirit on without having to hear Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” or even our loved but done to death “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, let alone the older classics.

The library of holiday fare within the electronic community is sparse. This is due in part to the cynicism attached to so much of that community – not a lot of peppy holiday fare coming from the industrial, EBM or darkwave sectors. But there are the occasional dollops, especially from within in the synthpop strain.

We have long celebrated the Venus Hum Christmas EP Switched On Christmas. Utterly, achingly un-ironic in a time when we forget such a thing is possible and delightfully creative musically it’s our go-to selection when we’re trying to get in the holiday mood. In the last couple of years we’ve had readers bring to our attention Book of Love’s bizarre but fun take on “We Three Kings”, Chew Lips’ terrific “When You Wake Up” (which the band referred to as “shitty” in a recent tweet, but they’re dead wrong), and The Golden Filter’s awesome “White Nights”. This year readers shared with us the very neat cover of “I Was Born on Christmas Day” by Flow Machines and Silver Swans’ “Holidays”. Mix in Christmas-themes songs from Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, MGMT, Soviet, and Northern Kind and that’s pretty much it.

The Softsynth holiday playlist has grown to 42 tracks over the three years we’ve been blogging here but when we weed out just the electronic tracks it’s still only about 22 songs. So readers, what have you got for us this year? Anything to add to the playlist? Help us fight off the inherent cynicism and embrace the holiday and share, what’s lurking out there we haven’t heard yet?

Watch: Northern Kind – Tears & Tinsel


One Response to “Electronic xmas tunes ’11”

  1. http://soundcloud.com/whitehouse-2/10-i-like-christmas

    don`t know if that`s already on the list. love it! merry xmas, k. xx

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