Merry holiday

Quick note of merriness to all our readers. If you celebrate Xmas or Chanukah or Kwanzaa or the solstice or nothing at all we hope you’re having a relaxing, meaningful break from whatever you normally do.

We’ve had periods of inactivity this year but it’s always a pleasure to come back knowing there are passions around this genre of music and the occasional debates either here or on Facebook or chatrooms for ones’ favourite bands have made the continued blogging a total blast. This holiday season we had more folks visit the blog than ever before by a factor of ten (!) so it’s sure nice to know you’re reading.

Thanks for coming by, thanks for checking in from time to time and thanks for keeping alive an important and exciting genre of music that needs its prophets, its emissaries to keep it going, to keep it thriving. Thanks to the synthpop fans for keeping it hopping and for the industrial fans for keeping it intense. We love it all, we love listening to it all and (at the risk of appearing sappy for a moment if you’ll allow), we love you for listening and supporting these terrific, important bands.

Happy holidays especially to those behind our sister sites, those blogs or web sites we check in on every single fricken day to learn what’s going on out there, to learn what’s new and what folks are listening to, and sometimes just to read some really good music journalism – The Electricity Club, E&P, Side-Line and The Pansentient League. It’s a thrill to share the stage with you folks.

Have a good one. Off to celebrate the season with the mini Softsynths and Mrs. Softsynth. See you soon.


3 Responses to “Merry holiday”

  1. Thanks very much for the mention and congrats on your expanding audience! Enjoy the holidays and see you on the other side…

  2. Cheers for the mention. It’s been a fun 2011 so let’s look forward to an interesting 2012 with new albums from Ultravox, Dubstar, Marsheaux, Visage, Little Boots, La Roux, Future Perfect, Northern Kind, Queen Of Hearts and hopefully many more. Happy New Year

  3. Merry (electro) holiday!

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