Blind Faith and Envy to call it a day

We’re guessing most who read this blog may not be super familiar with Blind Faith and Envy but for Softsynth news that the duo are about to call it a day came as a real blow. The band announced on Twitter that they would be releasing one final EP, Fake Smile and a Lullaby and then parting ways, with vocalist Charlene April (pictured) “focusing on digital art and photography” and “(t)he electronic Mastery of Dan Guenther will be carried over to his solo project titled ‘VEIN COLLECTOR’.”

Blind Faith and Envy were a most welcome part of the electronic landscape. They brought the dark but also the melodic in equal parts and the combination was indelible, They deserved a wider following and their first two albums in particular, The Charming Factor and Murder of a Girl were as good as dark-tinged synthpop-bordering on darkwave gets. April’s lovely voice in particular was a real standout (and featured on the wonderful Edge of Dawn song, “Kiss or Kill”), but as a whole, they were sometimes inconsistent but when it clicked it was magic. There are too many great BFAE songs to single out but it you want a sampling listen to “Golden Glass”, “Crowded Room”, “Slightest Wave”, “Orchid”, “I’m in a Haze”, “All My Dark Thoughts”, “How is This for Entertainment”, and “In a Crash”. Not a bad song in that bunch (they also pulled off a nifty cover of Depeche Mode’s “Shout”).

In a typical case of “don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” it just kind of felt like they would always be around and we wish we had been able to sit back and appreciate them as much as they deserved to be. Only now do we realize the extent to which we loved this band and how much they’ll be missed.

With great hope that April doesn’t give up on music entirely and with a promise to catch Vein Collector, we tip our hat to some killer output this duo graced us with, and if you’ll excuse your humble blogger he’s going to pull a bit of a BFAE marathon…

Watch: Never Ever Go Away


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