Sometimes those albums just get away from you

We try to stay on top of what’s current in electronic music but trying to stay abreast of everything, from every corner of the electronic world is nigh-on impossible. So it is that occasionally we’ll entirely miss an album when it’s thrust upon us, even if we actually *own* the album but don’t get around to really listening to it for some time. The following three albums are those which we somehow just missed when they came out but are terrific and deserve a plug, even if we don’t provide a full, official review (as we long ago pledged to only provide reviews of genuinely current, new releases). These albums are burning up the Softsynth playlist right now, currency be damned…

Lowe: EvolverEvolver was released last year and though we had in on the playlist it just didn’t seem to rise to the level of, you know, actually getting played. Which is funny given that we really dig Lowe, especially Tenant, their debut. Maybe the early tracks, given a cursory listen just didn’t resonate. Whatever the reason this album and Softsynth were just two ships, passing in the night. That is until the fabulous “Breath in, Breathe Out” started getting played consistently. This terrific high energy little number is as good as any electronic single released last year and it became so ubiquitous on out playlist that we had no choice than to start really listening to the album, and while they don’t have the profile of even many of their Swedish electronic compatriots, they deserve a lot more attention than they get because over three albums now they have been consistent and pretty damn awesome. Evolver is no exception. As they say in “Mirage” – “So sublime.”

Gazelle Twin: The Entire City – How we missed this (completely) is a mystery. It’s right in our wheelhouse – slinky dark electronics, lush backgrounds, etherial female vocals. This is pure Softsynth gold but back in July when it was released, we must have been outside playing in the sunshine that day. In any case it ended up on a few best of lists of folks we respect a lot and we had to get our hands on it and lo! And also behold! Lovely. Absolutely lovely. Sometimes a lush choral wash of atmosphere (“Bell Tower”), sometimes a more trancey, sexy electronic dirge (Men Like Gods), as a package it’s compelling and addictively listenable. Essentially a pseudonym for Brit Elizabeth Walling, this project could and should a long life stretched out before it. (And they make gorgeous videos to boot…see below.)

Freezepop: Imaginary Friends – Going back even further for no apparent reason we can think of we kept this album buried in the Softsynth iTunes library and just never got around to really listening to it. Like the Gazelle Twin album, it started catching our eye when it ended up on several best of the year lists, not last year, but the year before. Another case of a band we liked (especially the thoughtful and funny “Lazy”), but just didn’t prioritize enough to listen to their latest. And damn if it isn’t a total wonder. With a vintage, old-school synthpop ethos, this album is just this side of genre-genius. The clever recently released video for “Doppelgänger” just reminded us of how awesome this album is. We haven’t had the occasion to shine a light on either this band or, more specifically this album. Now we have done so and feel all the better for it.

These aren’t new albums but they deserve your hard-earned money. Each is a gem. Each need to be heard.

Watch: Lowe – Mirage

Watch:  Gazelle Twin – Men Like Gods

Watch: Freezepop – Doppleganger


2 Responses to “Sometimes those albums just get away from you”

  1. For me, Freezepop wasn’t even on my radar until I had the opportunity to see them perform live in Milwaukee, with The Echoing Green as the opener. I was very impressed by their energetic and totally fun performance, and soon after started listening to Imaginary Friends. Like you, I was blown away by this masterpiece. Like you, I found myself wondering, “How could I have missed this?!!” Thanks for shining a light on this very talented group!

  2. I picked up Gazelle Twin last summer because I heard it compared to Fever Ray. Unfortunately, that’s the problem! I keep trying to compare her to Fever Ray, and she just doesn’t come close to the brilliance of Karin Dreijer Andersson.

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