Everyone else is posting the “Everything Counts” guy and his kids so figured we should too

So it’s been making the rounds since it was uploaded about a month ago but felt we had to share it as well. Columbian musician Dicken Schrader and his children performed their take on Depeche Mode’s “Everything Counts” and even to someone as inherently cynical as this blogger, this is pretty god damned delightful.

Four things stand out for this blogger: a) This guy is crazy talented as a musician. Check out how well he multitasks without dropping a sweat. The never-had-it musician side of the person writing this is mad-jealous. b) Cute kids. Also, how cool is it to see two kids 7 or younger with a sense of musicality about them? The two mini-Softsynths have no sense of rhythm or musicianship whatsoever, despite our constant prodding. This is awfully cool to see. c) The aforementioned mini-Softsynths insist on our playing this at least twice a day. It strangely it doesn’t get old so much as it forces a smile on the rictus-grimace that usually adorns our cynical mug. Every damn time. And most significantly, d) Boy could Martin Gore pen a timeless tune. What happened there? When we hear this we just keep thinking, why can’t Depeche Mode make music like this anymore? Why does the well from which this genius tune sprung now produce only blandness? The previously referenced smile goes away at this thought as it does battle with conflicting thoughts of “Fragile Tension” or “Hole to Feed”.

Schrader, who has recorded clever children’s tunes akin to the brilliant SchoolHouse Rocks songs from the 70s and 80s in his native land has also taken on, “Strangelove” and “Shake the Disease”, continuing to remind DM how their music still has the potential to kick ass. Hope they’re watching this on repeat…

Watch: Dicken featuring Milah and Korben – Everything Counts


4 Responses to “Everyone else is posting the “Everything Counts” guy and his kids so figured we should too”

  1. Oh, my God, this is wonderful. I hadn’t seen it at all, so thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  2. DM should find another producer. Ben Hillier is not very good. The band should collaborate with Alan Wilder, Flood, Trent Reznor or Alan Moulder.

    • I’d love to hear Depeche Mode reclaim their former crown as most awesome electronic rock band, and it will require a few things: a good producer, Martin Gore finds his muse again, and Dave Gahan loses his music writing pen. It’s almost like they’re waging war against their oldest fans, the way they’ve been releasing unlistenable garbage like “Sounds of the Universe.”

  3. hongluong72 Says:

    My friend sent me this and I loved it! I am also a die hard DM fan since the 80s and I love Everything Counts!

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