The Grammys “electronic” category continues to be lame and ridiculous

Every year at this time we take the time to lambaste the Grammys for their absurd take on what they call “electronic music”. This year they’ve thrown all pretense out the door and simply renamed the category “Best Dance/Electronica Album”. Way to be genre-inclusive there folks. Skrillex won the category (insert sigh here). Cut/Copy should have won among these nominees and only they and Robyn are worth a serious mention but does it matter at all? Even less than ever sadly. Despite the fact that there is already a “Best Dance Recording Category”, this category has simply become another of the same, and it does a disservice to an entire genre of music. Grammys, you don’t understand electronic music, you never have and you should just leave well enough alone…


3 Responses to “The Grammys “electronic” category continues to be lame and ridiculous”

  1. Doesn’t matter – the Grammys are all about Pop music. To me, once you are nominated for a Grammy you’re a bit of a sellout. Thank the Lord that the music we love so much remains in a category all its own – a cut above, and beneath, and beyond. I’ve always been drawn to Indie and Electronic music and I’ve generally avoided the mainstream red carpet Gucci-wearing mass production and am grateful for the music I love. There are so many millions who will never get to hear the art that is such a part of OUR lives. In some ways I feel sorry for them – but I also like it this way!

  2. Indeed. Everything nomination (except Robyn & Cut Copy) was lame.

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