Review: – Revelations

The title says it all. This album really is something of a revelation. The Austrian band’s last album, R.E.T.R.O., was a total curve-ball, bit-pop explosion that was weird and fun and really not that sustainable (though this album’s “Unknown” harks back to that previous album, acting as a kind of bridge back to the darkwave/pop middle ground they traverse so effectively). As a whole this album takes them back toward darker, more familiar ground and it’s remarkably solid.

This is not an album with songs that immediately jump out and throttle you. One needs to let these tracks marinate for a while before its full power reveals itself, but the more pop oriented songs seep out and show this band at the full extent of their powers.Songs like “Control” have a “cool” groove to them. It’s electronic pop but with an almost soul-influenced bass line propelling them. It’s an effective and original sound that feels at once familiar and trailblazing at the same time. There are shades of VNV Nation here as well on songs like “Sanctuary” and “Cause and Effect”, and they perform this homage well. At times the album feels a bit all over the place thematically but it matters not when they execute each song so effectively. This is a band that’s as confident as its ever been and it shows in the power of the individual tracks.

This marks 2012’s first real keeper of an album and for a while at least, moves straight to the head of the class…

Watch: Revelations teaser


5 Responses to “Review: – Revelations”

  1. I was very disappointed with this album after the brilliance of R.E.T.R.O, but I only gave it a couple of listens which I guess isn’t really fair. So based on your review I’ll add it back to my playlist and try again 😉

  2. Thanks for recommendation! I liked this album from the very first listen.

  3. Mostly agree with your review… this album doesn’t jump out and throttle you, but I think that’s the problem. It needs 1 or 2 tracks to do just that. Otherwise, the tracks on here lack hooks. It’s not bad music to listen to in the dark while lying completely still, but unfortunately it ends up being forgettable.
    And the narrative storyline, arguably miab’s most compelling feature, seems forgotten. It goes nowhere.

  4. Max Mode Says:

    I agree 100% with your review.

    “Revelations” is another fantastic album from M.I.A.B. it’s absolutely brilliant! and the perfect sucessor to “Crossroads”

    This album becomes better and more addictive after every listen.
    This the first great electropop effort of 2012 and another destined to become a classic just like it’s other predecessors..

    I can’t believe that one of the above reviewers described this album as forgetable????

    How can you forget tracks like “Cause & Effect”, “Control” and “Remember” these tracks are absolutely addictive!!

    “Revelations” is another masterpiece from the act that without a doubt is the best that this genre can offer..

  5. I will admit, upon first listen to this album, I felt a little disappointed, but when I listened several more times, the album became more and more essential to me. Rather than hooks and lures saying “Stop and look at me!”, this album essentially says, “Come -with- me.” For NaNoWriMo, I’ve been working on a dystopic future story, and as writer fatigue set in, now that we’re well into the month, I fired up this album, and it took my creativity to some pretty amazing places. This is definitely a thought-provoking, mind-bending, demanding album. What does it demand? It demands you to dig deeper and find the Revelations therein. Ah, such a good album.

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