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Review: Chaos All Stars – I Need It All

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Kari Berg had a brief moment in the sun as co-lead vocalist of Ashbury Heights (who, as we predicted at the time of the Great Snit, are about to “unretire” with the announcement of a new vocalist, more on that in a future post), but has since moved on to a new act, the Swedish EBMish Chaos All Stars. They were featured on the Side-line compilation Face The Beat a couple of years ago and their track “Forget Them” was one of the standouts. But seeing and hearing nothing else about the act led one to believe this was more of a one-off partnership between Berg and the band than a new project. Continue reading


Review: Tying Tiffany – Dark Days, Bright Nights

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Tying Tiffany has always been a tough artist to pin down. The Italian experimentalist is constantly mixing up her essence, occasionally jarringly, always interestingly. She’s sometimes straight-ahead pop, other times noise maker, other times still industrial-flavoured chanteuse. You really never know what you’re getting when you dive into one of her records.

As you move from track to track on Dark Days, White Nights, this rule of thumb is front and centre. But it’s no less terrific for that. In fact we’d go so far as to say this is her most consistently listenable album to date with a key difference being, instead of a collection of different styles of songs living under the same roof, these songs each seem to blend the different stylings together into a potent mix within the three-to-four minutes of each track. It works very nicely. There’s a consistent high-energy flow to the album and keeps things moving quickly and efficiently. Continue reading