Review: Chaos All Stars – I Need It All

Kari Berg had a brief moment in the sun as co-lead vocalist of Ashbury Heights (who, as we predicted at the time of the Great Snit, are about to “unretire” with the announcement of a new vocalist, more on that in a future post), but has since moved on to a new act, the Swedish EBMish Chaos All Stars. They were featured on the Side-line compilation Face The Beat a couple of years ago and their track “Forget Them” was one of the standouts. But seeing and hearing nothing else about the act led one to believe this was more of a one-off partnership between Berg and the band than a new project.

One would have been wrong. Following a digital cover project, the band have now released an actual living breathing album and I Need it All is most promising indeed. At first glance it seems as though the material is derivative of existing music. And in fact one can hear a lot of influences here (oddly enough this listener is reminded mostly of the obscure DataBank A, especially on “The Iron Sky”). It’s a Teutonic sound that will feel familiar to fans of the genre but while not always the most original sound they execute it perfectly and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable album. On repeat listens it seeps into the bloodstream and starts drawing you back to it in earnest. Standouts include the poppy “We Are the Sinners”, the beautifully produced moody “Revelation” and the simply great “Volcano”.

It’s hard to get this style of music right without devolving into parody so hats off to Chaos All Stars for getting it so right. Berg, also a model, was known largely to this blogger as merely “one of the most painfully beautiful women in the industry, who also sang on that Ashbury Heights album” is now starting to carve out a meaningful niche as a solid vocalist who has joined up with an extremely promising new act (which includes founders OlkK and Nik), that could have  along and fruitful life.

Watch: Autumn Nights


2 Responses to “Review: Chaos All Stars – I Need It All”

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  2. Christophe Says:

    I would like to present you a new synthpop french musician. Please, could you give me your email address ?
    Best regard,

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