Review: Titans – For The Long Gone

When we were graced with Titans’ spectacular lead single “All There Is” back at the end of 2010 we were piqued. The dark EBM aura, the odd yet spellbinding video and the pop sensibility made this one of the Softsynth songs of the year that year. What would a full album sound like? The unfortunate part was the interminable wait for the album which finally limped quietly onto the scene a couple of months ago.

The Swedish-American trio have the makings of a titan-like band in the electronic movement though they aren’t quite there yet. But they’re sure in the right ballpark.

First let’s get the cons out of the way. A sometimes repetitive album, some of these songs blend into one another with little to distingish them from one another. Next, the lyrics sometimes verge on the cliched-to-embarrassing scale. Okay, cons acknowledged.

But when the basic song construction is as strong as this collection those things can be somewhat brushed aside. As a whole For The Long Gone is a throwback in only the best ways. Some bands make their mark by trying to blaze a new trail, others do right by doing what has been done before but do it very very well. This is the latter. A very old-school EBM construct, this album expertly combines pop rhythms with a whole hell of a lot of bass synthesizers and droney low-pitched vocals. We’ve heard this combination so many times over the years it runs the risk of becoming eye-rollingly dull. But when done well – as this album is – it brings a smile to a traditional electronic music fan.

They follow the blueprint perfectly. “It’s Dark”, “Dried Out”, and the tremendous, if lyrically challenged “Your Colour” all run to formula but they are expertly, lovingly crafted and the care shows with a solid retro dark electronic treat. The title track sums up the album perfectly. One of their stronger lyrics, (There they stand/between the night and day/where the shadows grow/dark and long), it’s dark and creepy, but catchy and movement-inducing. These guys get how to do this stuff well and when it clicks, it clicks perfectly.

A strong debut, one can only hope they get some meaningful exposure to provide them momentum for another album. If their first effort is as strong as this and their potential looms large, it feels only a matter of time before they joint the elite of the genre. One of the more enjoyable electronic releases of the year to date…

Watch: “It’s Dark”


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