Three artists we’re digging this week

We were going to lead off this edition of “three artists we’re digging this week” with the terrific Anothers Blood but they’ve up and called it quits before they really got going. See a related post coming soon to talk about the sadness of this move. Meantime we’ve lots of other bands we’re all over right now. 

We’ve been following Denmark’s Lydmor (aka singer/songwriter Jenny Rossander) for a while as she selectively releases terrific songs like “Young”, “Electric Mistress” and “Lamppost Light” but she has now released her debut full-length, A Pile of Empty Tapes and every shred of what we’ve been able to get out hands on confirms she is a serious comer; someone who, like the recently reviewed Karin Park, is subtly shifting the rules of what makes compelling electronic music. The unfortunate news is how hard it is to obtain a copy of her full-length or even to reach her directly (her website is listed as “coming soon”). We would love to provide a full review of this album but our efforts to obtain the album have been this unsuccessful (but clips can be heard at Denmark’s iTunes); if anyone from the Lydmor camp is reading, we love what we’re hearing in clip form but would love the chance to review the whole thing. Every sign is this is an artist who’s going to make a real mark on our genre.

It’s not the first time we’ve featured this artist in one of these pieces but it deserves mentioning again, especially as it’s gone on active rotation on the Softsynth playlist this week as we rediscover its many hidden gems, but Greece’s Rockets in a Coma released one of the most consistently solid and impressive debut albums a couple of years ago in Squared Strawberries and while this is another band it’s very hard to get a beat on (no web site, very out-of-date MySpace page etc) with every listen one is struck by just how confident and wonderful this album really is. Song after song it’s a tremendous piece of work that deserved so many more listeners than its appeared to have had so far. No idea of this band is still together, broken up or waiting for their moment to bodycheck Marsheaux and establish themselves and Greece’s premier electronic band. In any case they left behind an album that needs listening so good is its tracklisting. Any true electronic connoisseur will love this album.

Ayria is one of the few Canadian artists we love while getting to wave the home flag of pride. It’s been a crazy-long time since her last album but we are so very close to Plastic Makes Perfect, her fourth full-length. She has kicked off the proceedings with “Hunger”, a typically driving, aggressive electronic rocker. She never misses a beat and her new single stands with the very best of her previous output. Proceeds from her single (said to be one of the biggest selling from Alfa Matrix to date) go toward development of a video and the album, so it’s exactly the business model we should be supporting (ie. buy the fucking song). Can’t wait for the album: a more vital, exicitng artist within the electronic community is hard to find.

Watch: Lydmor – Lamppost Light


4 Responses to “Three artists we’re digging this week”

  1. Hey 🙂 Lydmor here. First of all; thank you, this is so nice to stumble upon! Where are you based? You can order my album on, and if yor are really nice, and give me your adress, I will send it to you personally, maybe even scribble some silly thing on it for you.. (also, thank you for reminding me of that webpage.. Gotta get it fixed!)

  2. softsynth Says:

    We’re nice 🙂

    Mailing address for Softsynth:
    74 Fieldstone St.
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    B3R 2N6

    Can’t wait to hear the whole thing!

  3. Christian Svenningsen Says:


    I am Lydmors manager, and i would love to send you guys a copy of the album!

    Send me an email, and I think we’ll work something out;)

    All the best
    Christian Svenningsen

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