The sad fate of Anothers Blood and the struggle for emerging artists

While taking our time out a couple of months ago we had prepared a number of posts including a “three bands we’re digging this week” that featured at the top, London-based trio, Anothers Blood. In the time it took us to post that piece they went and called it a day already. Cue sadness as this was a really interesting up and comer who had already produced some killer songs and has an interesting future ahead of the band. 

It happening all too often where promising bands are calling it quits before they really get going. Countless bands have sent us material only to go belly-up by the time we get around to talking about them in this space. In this climate its harder than ever for a band, especially an electronic band, to make a real go of it. Despite the image of bands getting that record contract and then heading on out to easy street where they get rich while pursuing their musical dreams, the reality is the vast majority of bands, especially in this genre, carry on with a “real job”, often an entirely separate career, while trying to produce material and play gigs on the side. The frustration one might have with bigger bands who could produce more prolifically than they do, the reason most bands don’t release more original material is the issue of time and resources to do it in the first place. 

We get so much material submitted to review or just give a listen to that there’s no way to keep up with it all let alone give it the attention it (often) deserves. We want to do our part to give these newer, or lesser known artists more of a voice so, to that end we will start setting aside some regular space to give a nudge to those who need a little extra attention with a hopefully-regular “artists on the bubble” feature. So keep it coming in folks and we’ll at least try to create a clearing house space. There’s also our Facebook page which we want to occupy a slightly different part of the firmament than the blog-proper – artists – all artists who have some claim on the electronic mantel  – should feel free to use that space to promote their work. Videos, audio tracks, tour news, consider that space shared, open space. Have at ‘er.

We don’t want to look up a band that excites us and exhibits such promise only to find they’ve taken their ball and decided to go home. Let’s keep the flame aloft for as many of these folks as we can…

Watch: Lost Communication


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