Review: Lydmor – A Pile of Empty Tapes

For no obvious reason, the title of this album just feels both a) awesome and b) just right. A good album title can really pave the way to a great listening experience. You know, assuming the album is actually…well, “good”. Fortunately this is a keeper. This epic, sweeping, clever, innovative and brilliant album stand as a highlight to an increasingly strong year for electronic music.

Lydmor is Jenny Rossander, a talented and strikingly beautiful singer/songwriter from Denmark, and while one of the beauties of electronic music is you don’t need to be an accomplished traditional musician to build it, it’s sometimes nice to hear someone bring real musical chops to the process. It results in a fleshed out, sometimes deeper musical experience.
Much of this album starts as cacophonous noise before streamlining to a brilliantly constructed pop. Songs like “Young” are breathtakingly layered, with stream after stream of sound blending into a smooth electronic pulse. It’s gorgeous sonically and impressive technically at the same time. Hard to pull off but with enormous payoff when one does.

There are different bundles of songs that make up the album. There are the straight ahead electropop tracks like “Electric Mistress” (with its intriguing lyrics that suggest a mate’s enrapture of the virtual world) or “Lamppost Life”; then there’s the set of sonic experiments like “Couples” and “Paper Aeroplane”; and then the lovely tracks that combine traditional strings and electronics like the terrific “Virginize”, or “A Lot of Love”. And each thread works, with thoughtful lyrics and ambitious soundscapes that combine into one of the most sophisticated, accomplished and just downright awesome albums of the year. The only slight misfire is the piano-and-voice “Orange” which is set to an almost-waltz rhythm and serves as a momentum interruption but like with a seemingly physically perfect visage or at-first-glance flawless work of art, it’s the minor imperfections that can truly set off the beauty of the subject itself.

It’s a remarkable, viscerally-exciting album that heralds the dawn of a brilliant new electronic artist. It may require a little patience and time spent with the material to really get it on all its levels, but consider it an investment that will pay itself back many times over.

Watch: Lamppost Light


4 Responses to “Review: Lydmor – A Pile of Empty Tapes”

  1. Shame that the album is not on Amazon MP3 or Itunes to download.

  2. You can listen to some of the album from here

  3. softsynth Says:

    For those in Europe it’s on iTunes in several countries; for those in North America one will have to go the import route (for now), Reminds me of pretty much everything I listened to and had to order in the 80s! 🙂

  4. The previews of the album sound really good.

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