The Azoic back and getting creative to fund their future

We’ve missed The Azoic. The Ohio-based EMB-styled band put out some great music some years ago but disappeared from the scene. They are looking to get back in the scene but like so many others, have struggled to make and release music in this challenging world for musicians. We blogged about this very phenomenon recently. Everyone is looking for a business model to survive in this era and some have gotten very creative.

The Azoic are looking for supporters to help fund a new video release and EP for new single “Corruption.” You can help them get new music unto the world and at the same time you can get some very interesting and…”committed” rewards, including a chance to be an extra ($100) or featured player ($200) in the video, an opportunity to party with lead singer Kristy Venrick ($300) or dinner with the band ($500), or getting up there into the truly creative, like having a song written and recorded just for you ($2000), a personal live show ($4000) or the most awesome – a member of the band will get a tattoo of your choice on their body ($5000). That’s devotion to the cause. We’ll be making a donation, albeit more in the “t-shirt” range, but if you like this band, want to help them produce some new stuff and get some really unique incentives, be a part of this great project…


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