Why we never quite got around to reviewing that Metric album

There are times we find ourselves heading down that road of wondering “is this electronic music”, and our default is usually toward the “yes if it’s got synths up front as the dominant instrument” end of things, but sometimes it’s still very unclear.

One of the albums we’ve reviewed that had readers up saying, “that ain’t part of the club, it doesn’t belong” was Metric’s terrific Fantasies which was our #5 electronic album of the year on our year-end best of list in 2009. It was around that time that some started suggesting Softsynth considers anything with a keyboard in it electronic music. And while it’s true we cast a wide net to inclusively open the definition, there are albums who play in our yard without being invited inside the house.

Bottom line, when we listened through Metric’s new album Synthetica, which we did an awful lot, one could not help but be struck that this was very much a middle-of-the-road rock album with some keyboards prominently used here and there. So we didn’t review it here (short version if we had – a little soulless and doesn’t pack the punch of the last album but with a few notable highlights). There are a few tracks we could have pulled out to review in isolation (which not coincidentally are among the strongest tracks of the album like “Dreams so Real” and “The Void”) but that’s not how we approach albums around this here place.

So some asked who no Metric review. That’s why.


4 Responses to “Why we never quite got around to reviewing that Metric album”

  1. I completely agree! It’s so difficult! There are also artists who either were heavily electronic and really no longer are (Simple Minds) or have dabbled in electronics but can’t clearly be defined as electronic artists (Killing Joke, U2). And there are bands that surely must be classified as electronic for good reason but teeter on the brink (Metric, Ultravox, Tears For Fears). Personally, my first choice is electronic music yet I listen to many artists – some of whom I’ve mentioned here as examples – that I WANT to call electronic! My head just exploded.

  2. Sorry but I disagree. That Metric album is excellent.

  3. Just give it more time. It better than Fantasies, that’s for sure.

  4. An album that would be worth reviewing Twitch the Ripper – Colorblind.

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