Three artists we’re digging this week

It’s lighter fare that’s tickling our fancy this week (truth be told our fancy needed a good tickle, so the timing was fortuitous). Sometimes you’re in the mood for aggro angry screaming and other times you just want to bring the pop. To whit:

It’s funny how one discovers new music. Twitter feeds from bands, other blogs that dabble in the synths, mainstream music sites, and sometimes that Flight of the Conchords brilliant charity single for sick kids in New Zealand. The song is terrific in its own right and this blogger, and no we’re not proud of it, saw the “cute blonde chick” and thought, well, who is this now? Turns out it’s Jane de Jong, aka Ruby Frost and also turns out she’s a very original, very clever electronic pop artist from the land of the kiwi. She won the MTV 42Unheard competition in her native land and has since released her debut album, Volition produced by Chris Zane, who worked with Passion Pit). And while it flies closer to the pop sun than we normally go, it’s really good stuff (and far more complex and subversive than one might think at first glance). A lovely voice coupled with nice, clean electronic instrumentation and some really strong songwriting and it’s a serious keeper.

We so rarely get to shine a light on great Canadian electronic music, but today – hoorays! – we’ve finally had time to really sink deeply into the awesome/bizarre Purity Ring. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, the duo of Megan James and Corin Roddick have produced one of the most interesting, and all around amazing electronic albums of the year in Shrines. It’s all sound loops, samples, sound collages and James’ lovely/spooky voice. This blogger will have the chance to see them live next month (a rare treat given we’re in a part of Canada that doesn’t see much of anything in the way of live electronic music), and will report in then but based on purely the recorded material, we have some new superstars on the electronic firmament.

We’ve already tweeted about it and we’ve only got one song to go on but  – what a song. Sorry, not doing it justice – WHAT A FUCKING SONG. We’ve been hearing about Churches for a while from sister blog The Electricity Club but until hearing “Lies” for ourselves we had no idea what we were dealing with here. The trio from Glasgow find that perfect Softsynth sweet spot, catchy, but not too lightweight, electronic but not at all robotic, and all with a hint of darkness about. Also, singer Lauren Mayberry is lovely and in even lovelier voice. This is the song of the year so far and we need – sorry, NEED! – and an album. It’s a visceral, physiological need. Like water-for-the-thirsty need. Let’s see whatcha got next Churches. We want to go to there…

Watch: Porcupine

Watch: Lofticries

Watch: Lies


2 Responses to “Three artists we’re digging this week”

  1. Will have to check out Ruby Frost – Volition. Churches – Lies is a great track.

  2. SolarClathrate Says:

    Sweet, thanks for the recommendations. If you’re still in the mood for poppy music, I recommend Lissi Dancefloor Disaster, from Uppsala, Sweden. I love their EP, “As We Plz”, as well as Moshpit Lovers.

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