Bands we miss – Bunny Lake

How soon is too soon to start “missing” a band? In the case of Austria’s Bunny Lake not soon enough. Like, “they’re still winding down their final live dates before officially calling it quits” soon. But that said, words fail as to how much we’re going to miss this band.

We speculated last year about how much we were looking forward to their upcoming album, The Sound of Sehnsucht, and wondered if it would be the best album of ’12 so encouraging were the early snippets and first singles. Truth of the matter it might just be. At a minimum it’s certainly going to be in that mix. We were about to get our review copy of the album in the mail and then that week passed…and then another…then one more. And suddenly they announced on their Twitter feed they were calling it quits (was it something we said? Was our request for the review copy what pushed them over the edge? Horrors! Lost sleep for thinking of it!).

Truth be told they site creative differences and are simply winding down the Bunny Lake machine and the electronic music scene is much the worse for it.

Back in the day the band were a solid but unspectacular act that has a distinct dirty/sleazy side (something readers of this blog will know is widely and enthusiastically applauded by Softsynth), but they were capable of turning out great songs like “Beautiful Car Crash” or “All That Sex.” It started to really come together with their brilliant 2010 album, The Beautiful Fall which tightened up the music and brought in a cleaner, more efficient sound. That plus the songwriting has suddenly become almost peerless within the genre. All of the sudden they were brilliant pop songwriters and the combined quality writing with an ever-improving sound and they had truly arrived.

Flash forward two years and The Sound of Sehnsucht took things to yet another level. A very dance-oriented affair the material is also whip-smart and brilliantly constructed. From the airy club track “Follow the Sun” to the gorgeous mid tempo “Young Lovers” (in contention for electronic single of the year), to the heavenly synth-bass-heavy ballad, “All the Screens Stay Dark Tonight” – the album is near-flawless.

And then they call it quits.

On one hand, it’s something awfully powerful to go out on such a high note, but on the other – man what a waste, what a tragic loss to the community. What a blow. Sad blogger in da house.

It was pretty great while it lasted, and even while the body is still warm, hell, still gigging, we already miss them.

(Note: If you’re looking to pick up The Sound of Sehnsucht and you don’t live in (parts of) Europe, best of luck to yis. When our precious precious reviewer copy fell through it took much doing to try and obtain a copy, finally doing so through a Dutch retailer at a premium price. Well worth every penny, but it ain’t an easy mission to get your virtual hands on a virtual copy, let alone a good ol’ fashioned CD.)

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  1. They will be greatly missed.

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