Spotlight on…a bunch of artists you probably haven’t heard of yet but hopefully will soon…

Pretty much every day we receive a track, or album, or preview from an up and coming electronic band. The sheer volume of this material makes it almost impossible to provide the coverage this material deserves (though anyone, emerging or established band alike, should feel free to use our Facebook page to share the wares directly). Here are a handful that caught our ear and deserve a wider listen:

Belgian act Calfskin is a nice, hard to label electro act with a lot of interesting layers and a clear darkwave influence. It’s among the best stuff we’ve received recently and it really stands up to repeat listens. The Standing Eight EP is a really nice piece of work.

Toronto’s Pale Eyes brings us something really unique, a funky, rough-hewn electro-bop that feels really refreshing (and helps us work toward that place of trying desperately to find good Canadian electronic music). Very analogue, very fun.

Loving Brooklyn/NJ-based band Nova Social. Softer feel but really, really well-produced material that combines an electronic feel with a serious funk beat (two funk references in one blog post! bringing our blog-wide 4-year total to…two). Really fun listen. “The Hard Part” reminds one of Hot Chip back at their peak. Seriously – check it out.

Peachcake is an extremely promising synth pop artist with a lot of depth. Their album Unbelievable Souls is due out later this month and their track “The World is Our Platform to Mean Something” is a very good start…

This just scratches the surface but is a good sampling of some of the neat stuff crossing our tastefully decorated threshold. Keep it coming, thar’s gold in them thar hills…


2 Responses to “Spotlight on…a bunch of artists you probably haven’t heard of yet but hopefully will soon…”

  1. Hi. Can you please email me your email address? I’d like to send you some music to check and and possibly review. Thanks!

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