And One to call it a day

We’ve written about the train wreck that And One has become in recent years but it’s not without considerable sadness to hear through the wind (and the good folks at that the band are ready to hang up the leather and keyboards and turn off the lights.

Together since 1989, they have been a mainstay in the EBM scene, and one of the more consistent presences with an oddly comforting recognizability stringing album to album. After a high water mark with Bodypop a few years back, they began to go to the bad place. A terribly misguided covers album that was almost unlistenable, mediocre followup releases, a misplaced misogyny disguised as cleverness, strange on-line rants from founder Steve Naghavi – they began to be thought of as punchline, or more charitably, cautionary tale. Then Founding member Chris Ruiz along with Gio van Oli left to found the energized, exciting Pakt last year and that spawned even more vitriol and more rants from Naghavi and it was only with morbid fascination that we continued to stay tuned to the band.

Ironically, as we posted just a few days ago, the band seemed to be creatively stretching in some interesting directions for the first time in a long while. “Aigua” was a lovely, out of left field song we would never have expected to hear from this band. It inspired us to finally pick up their newest album, S.T.O.P., which we had been avoiding, truth be told, not thrilled at the prospect of being disappointed again. As it turns out it is their strongest effort in years with a surprisingly fresh take on their patented Teutonic stomp. It’s a nice way to go out, just a shame it had to end amidst the angst and drama that preceded the final album.

And another one bites the dust…

(edited to add – as per comments below, Naghavi has announced there will be a tour into next year before they wrap things up for good…)

Watch: Killing the Mercy


3 Responses to “And One to call it a day”

  1. Not that I’d doubt this news… but does Side-Line ever get anything right? Bernard loves nothing more than a bait-click headline.

  2. FYI: Naghavi just posted on the And One website that they’re going on tour in 2013 and then calling it quits.

  3. Mr Nice Legz Says:

    Killing The Mercy… now that’s what I call a chorus…

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