Three artists we’re digging this week

We’ve been awash with all the news of some of the biggest acts in electronic music queuing up new albums for 2013 (MESH, IAMX, Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, HTDA) and are jazzed about some other great bands with upcoming new releases, like Chew Lips or Shiny Toy Guns, but meantime there’s a steady stream of great stuff on the go. A few we’ve been particularly digging this week include…

Leeds-based electronic rock act Officers have recorded a bang-up album called On the Twelve Thrones, which some sites, like Music NonStop, one of our best sources for new and upcoming releases, suggest is new to 2012, and others say was a 2011 release. Either way, this very Nine Inch Nails-inspired album is a harsh clash of guitar and synth noise that is surprisingly sophisticated and well-constructed. One of the finest of the more aggressive electronic albums released recently (whether 2012 or prior) and should have a broader audience.

We took a while easing our way into Princess Chelsea (ooh, dirty), and were a little put off by so-very-precious underground hit “The Cigarette Duet”, but once we finally sank our teeth into Lil’ Golden Book, we were delighted to find such a quirky, fun and sometimes bizarre album. The New Zealander released her album last year and since then has amassed a bit of a cult audience who are drawn to her nursery rhyme stylings and her solid musical chops. It’s fundamentally different from anything else out there and it makes one hungry for what she’s ready to dole out next.

We’re really enjoying Alfa Matrix act Essence Of Mind, out of Norway. The EBM-flavoured duo walk that fine lie between harsh electro and catchy melody, when achieved, this balance can produce some of the most satisfying electronic music on the scene and there are moments in Indifference that are most satisfying indeed. Alfa Matrix has been pushing out a lot of really promising bands in recent days. We’ll spend more time talking about several of them in due course but for now, we’re going to take Indifference out for a few more spins…

Watch Listen to (no videos we can find…): Officers – The Competition Winner

Watch: Princess Chelsea – Ice Reign

Watch: Essence of Mind – Indifference


2 Responses to “Three artists we’re digging this week”

  1. Count also the new debut album by Helen Marnie (main Ladytron’s vocalist) due March 2013.

    • softsynth Says:

      Absolutely. Really excited about it. Actually, tangentially going to be talking about her album in our next post on Kickstarter’s impact on music…

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