Review: The Birthday Massacre – Hide and Seek

They fly under the radar much of the time but when one steps back and looks at the picture holistically, The Birthday Massacre have been delivering remarkably consistent, solid product. Their brand of industrial pop (is that a thing? that should be a thing.) has been a great presence on the scene and this album may be their strongest to date.

Always walking that fine line between synth-driven melody and spine-crunching guitars, they often default to the latter which works sometimes but often drowns out the musicality they’ve always had hidden away in the back. But throughout Hide and Seek they have discovered a lighter touch and it allows vocalist Chibi to shine as never before. She has a spooky, evocative, and while sometimes lost under the cacophony, beautiful voice and it’s a nice treat to hear it so crisp and clean as on this album.The songwriting on this album is rock solid. It’s smart, aggressive but crazy-tuneful pop music. The slow verse/power chorus of “Leaving Tonight” is a delight; the dark, foreboding “Play With Fire” wouldn’t be out-of-place on a horror movie soundtrack; “Calling” sounds like nothing we’ve heard from the band before, and may be their most purely synth-pop song to date, and if anyone was wondering if they could pull that off, they do in spades.

There’s not a bad song on the album, and in a catalogue where one could never have said that before, that’s a real accomplishment. Tremendous album and a real high point not just for The Birthday Massacre but for the year in electronic music.

Watch Listen to (sorry, can’t find a video from the album…): Down


4 Responses to “Review: The Birthday Massacre – Hide and Seek”

  1. I discovered TBM based on your review of Pins And Needles. Even though you were sort of mixed on it something about how you described it made me interested to check it out. I agree it wasn’t perfect but there was plenty of good stuff there to keep my attention. Very much looking forward to the new one now, thanks!

    • I discovered TBM based on exactly this review. Thanks Softsynth!

      “…and this album may be their strongest to date.”

      I listened to all their albums many times; their best ones are clearly “Violet” and “Walking With Strangers”. These 2 albums are amazing from start to finish. I can’t find even a bad song on them…

      “Hide and Seek” is my 3rd favorite TBM album only because “Violet” and “Walking With Strangers” are so damn great.

  2. The Birthday Massacre…

    […] ure holistically, The Birthday Massacre have been delivering remarkably consiste […]…

  3. I finally got to see TBM live a few weeks ago…fantastic show. (They even closed the main set with “Midnight,” which is only at #33 on their rankings but is the star attraction of Pins and Needles if you ask me.) After a few listens, this album still sounds a bit “same-y” to me once you get beyond the aggression of “Down.” “Leaving Tonight” is definitely one of the best things they’ve ever done, though: it’d be a very good song regardless, but that drum part is just waaay beyond the call of duty.

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