Those electronic bands that we hoped would release an album in 2012 but didn’t quite get around to it

As fans of electronic music one can’t help look forward to 2013 even it means another painful rising of inevitably-dashed expectations of another Depeche Mode album. So many of the greats are releasing new albums – we’ve gone over the list ad nauseam, no need to revisit the list, if they are electronic and awesome, they pretty much definitely have a new album coming out in the next 12 months.

But some of the stuff we’re looking forward to the most are those artists who have yet to release a full album and we had some real hopes we would see one this year but didn’t. You know who you are. Yes you, Vile Electrodes, Sinestar, Curxes and Chvrches, you dirty shirkers, all lazy, playing your “concerts” and building a “following”. Enough of all that, Daddy wants some sugar.

We read a recent compelling article that opined the idea of the album is pointless in 2012. That in this day and age the lack of a physical product and the ease of the single digital release meant an album was confined to the dustbin of history (We would not want to be the ones to clean that. Imagine all the 70s hairstyles and 8-track tapes). We beg to differ. An album is more than a physical collection, it’s a statement in time, a grouping that can define a musical stage of an artist. One can listen to say, Fad Gadget’s Fireside Favourites, with its simple electronics and low production values and know instantly how much it speaks to its era as opposed to something from Collapsing New People, which is much clearer but also more organic. The album defines the age.  (Random, perhaps. just been thinking about ‘ol Frank lately…) To record a collection of songs at a given window in time speaks to where that artist is at said moment. It paints a picture, it spins a web (insert your own tired cliché here). Softsynth has never been a singles guy, albums all the way. We need the fuller picture, crap token album track filler and all. It all speaks to a snapshot that tell us not just where an artists’ head was at, but something about its moment in time. And in a purely singles culture we would never have had Depeche Mode’s “The Sun and the Rainfall” or Client’s “6 in the Morning” or Bunny Lake’s “All the Screens Stay Dark Tonight” or Yazoo’s “Midnight” or any one of thousands upon thousands of album tracks that have become classics in their own right. We needs us our albums.

So, quartet of British acts that hold so much promise and from whom we are expecting so unrealistically much (you’re each going to change the course of electronic music forever, right? Right??), let’s bring the big stuff. Let’s see those albums. The time is nigh. (Nigh is our favourite time of day…) 2013 beckons, whatcha got for us…?


9 Responses to “Those electronic bands that we hoped would release an album in 2012 but didn’t quite get around to it”

  1. Thanks Softsynth for the mention here….Sinestar just released A and B Sided single “Hope and Prey +Rise and Fall” and have a further 2 singles planned between now and April 2013… the all important album will be out in April 2013….it’s already written and recorded and will be titled “Singularis”. Thanks and keep in touch.

  2. From your list I like the most Chvrches. They’re brilliant. I’ll add also Future Unlimited and The Good Natured. TGN’s new single 5-HT is excellent and it stands repeated listens; I recommend you to give it a listen:

  3. From the more established electronic music artists, I’m looking forward to listen new albums from:

    Helen Marnie
    Depeche Mode
    Jean-Michel Jarre
    La Roux
    The Chemical Brothers
    Covenant (definitely next year)
    Leftfield (working on a new album right now)
    The Knife / Fever Ray
    Mesh (new single in January)
    Gary Numan
    Miss Kittin
    The Crystal Method

    I hope that the endless, endless wait for a new Kraftwerk album will end in 2013. I’ll add also Daft Punk, Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin.

    The new year is going to be a good year for electronic music fans.

    • No new music by the Dreijer siblings is the biggest disappointment of 2012. I am really looking forward to The Knife album next year.

      If you’re into them, you should check out a band called Light Asylum. I read on Pitchfork that their vocalist will be contributing vocals to The Knife album… so I checked them out on Spotify, and I quite like them!

  4. The Knife announced a new album “Shaking the Habitual” to be released on April 2013

  5. The teaser for the new Mesh single is out and it’s every bit as good as you’d hope:

  6. Ladytron also will release a new album in 2013, not just their main singer Helen Marnie!

  7. Chvrches will have an album out this year 100%. Curxes not so sure – I know they have plans for a single around March / April ,rumour has its still electronic but ‘a bit different’. Sinestar rumours of an LP this year – oh hold on see 1st comment!

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