Annual rant about the Grammys (who do not understand electronic music)

We’ve said it all before in each of the previous three years and it’s too exhausting to review again. In the newly renamed “Best Dance Electronica Album” (thereby now banishing anything that isn’t essentially EDM from any discussion at all) the nominees this year are:

Steve Aoki, Wonderland
The Chemical Brothers, Don’t Think
Deadmau5, > Album Title Goes Here <
Kaskade, Fire & Ice
Skrillex, Bangarang

Good to see Chemical Brothers there, albeit for inferior work. As for the rest…well, again if you’re down with the EDM, you’re rockin’…not much else to add this year. Another sigh.


2 Responses to “Annual rant about the Grammys (who do not understand electronic music)”

  1. Americans don’t rate electronic music as high as Europeans (for example). A lot of Americans don’t understand many things in the world anyway…

  2. I think the Grammys and award shows in general are silly popularity contests, so I’m never disappointed that most of the bands I listen to don’t get recognition.

    As for these bands, I’ve only heard a few tracks off these albums so I can’t judge them honestly … that Deadmau5 album has a song called “The Veldt” that I do enjoy. And as much as I’m loathe to admit it, that damn “Bangarang” crap has grown on me.

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