Three artists we’re digging this week

Our latest entry in this series looks at one new emerging artist and two albums we wish we had caught earlier.

As we’ve written in the past, as closely as we watch the scene there are a number of albums that slip past our radar and it isn’t until (sometimes much) later when we finally stumble across them. 

We have enjoyed British duo AlterRed in the past, yet somehow totally missed the mid-year release of Dollstown, and were it not for our sister site, the Pansentient League and their best of the year list (very different than the Softsynth Best of 2012 but a compelling and excellent list itself) we wouldn’t have caught it at all. We have not stopped listening to this terrific album since the holidays when it went into regular constant rotation. On the PSL Jer White brilliantly labeled this band as a cross between IAMX and Ultravox and this hybrid description fits this band to a T. Dark yet addictively catchy. Creepy yet accessible. Would absolutely have been in our top 10 for the year had it crossed our radar earlier. A must-listen.

By the same token, we have been singing the praises of Javelynn, featuring former Ashbury Heights singer Yaz and we wrote about their great single “Wannabe” back when it was fresh but somehow missed the release of their fantastic debut album, Chimaera At Heart. Sounding more like Yaz’s former band than we expected, it captures what made AH great, but adds some new elements and is a glorious focus on Yaz’s wonderful vocals (and boy, in the video below, she looks better than ever…). Wonderful electronic pop with gothy influences and a darker hue than the surface pop would suggest. Start to finish It’s awesome and we’re rueing all the missed time we could have been spending with this album. We’re making up for it now.

To switch gears from recently discovered treats from months back, we are also enjoying new female Chicago duo Love and Radiation. Earlier track “Ganymede” felt like a synth pop confection that we liked at first listen but didn’t expect a real connection with; but damn if that song didn’t grow like the weedy earworm it turned out to be. And even better is their newest treat, “Three Kingdoms” which is really old-school electro-pop done perfectly. Every note works and feels perfectly in place. Debut album You Will Know Me will be out in Spring and we couldn’t be more excited to hear it. Just throw it on the pile of upcoming releases that make 2013 look like it could be one of the strongest yet for electronic music…

Watch: AlterRed – And We Disappear

Watch: Javelynn – Skip  a Heartbeat

Watch: Love and Radiation – Three Kingdoms (live)


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