Review: Love and Radiation – You Will Know Me

While we loved the first two singles we heard from this Chicago duo, we were nervous that they wouldn’t be able to sustain a full album’s worth of material and keep the songs distinct or interesting. We needn’t have worried. The whole thing kicks serious, genuine ass.

What sounds at first listen like pretty standard synthpop is actually so much more. Members Lakshmi Ramgopal and Adele Nicholas have crafted something with a lot of layers and something strangely original while still drawing the best from the familiar tropes. 

The songwriting is shockingly strong for a band with little track record. From the really old school synths of “Heart Eater” (which shift quickly into a punkish grunge) to the conventionally pretty “Winter”; from the really effective use of accent guitar strumming to their gorgeously overlapping vocals, these folks have shown themselves to be a really poignant, fascinating new act on the electronic scene, one with a tonne of depth. They’re like a less etherial Purity Ring, while channeling both a more pop and punk sensibility.

The album is too short – the listener wants…demands…more. And the songs are so brief, they’re like a wisp of air, blink and the whole thing is over, scattered to the wind. But how better to whet the appetite for more. And more we expect. These ladies have a lot more music in them and we can’t wait to see where they go next.

(Also – awesome beautiful album cover. Bonus points all around…)

Watch: (sorry, so official videos yet…) Listen to: Three Kingdoms


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