Review: Ayria – Plastic Makes Perfect

As a Canada-based blog it’s always a delightful surprise when a Canadian electronic artist rises from the cold to make a stake in the firmament. It’s all-too-rare, but a nice treat when it comes along. Jennifer Parkin aka Ayria has been a consistent presence on the scene over the years and she has only gotten stronger with each release.

An unbelievable, heart-rending, five years since the release of her last album, Hearts for Bullets (which was on the first Softsynth best of the year list in ’08), she’s come back strong. 

While there’s not always a lot of daylight between the songs, (we always have a hell of a time distinguishing track titles on her albums given there’s such uniformity amongst the songs), what she does, she does as well as anyone in the business, and we’ll say this, of all her efforts, this album shows the greatest range she’s yet displayed. And range aside, she goes balls-out on each and every track and it’s a delight to hear. Few artists put it out there as confidently as she and it makes these songs sail.

A kind of post-punk-electronic hybrid, Ayria isn’t industrial but something more than pop. She threads the needle perfectly resulting in powerful, driving songs like “All That Glitters”, “Big Plans”, “Friends and Enemies” and even mixes up the tempo – a little –  which is kind of new from Ayria, in songs like the mid-tempo, and absolutely lovely “Letter from an Angel”.

She’s also in lovely voice. More a full-service performer than classic vocalist, Parkin has never been as known for her vocal performances as much as her full performance but she’s sounding great here. There are moments when she vocally transcends the material, also something new, and something really refreshing,

It’s no understatement in saying this is her strongest album, song for song, to date. She’s only getting better folks, time to get on board if you haven’t yet…

Watch Listen to (she’s not a big believer in videos): Missed the Mark


One Response to “Review: Ayria – Plastic Makes Perfect”

  1. Thank you for the great review! I’m so honoured and flattered that you enjoyed my latest release! 😉


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