Review: Marsheaux – Inhale

When we reviewed Greek electro duo Marsheaux’s last album, Lumineaux Noir, a full four years ago, we were pretty hard on it. We were lukewarm at best, largely because it didn’t build on what had come before and it seemed to disappointingly fade into the background. (That said, the album has had remarkable staying power and still sounds pretty fresh.) What a difference an album makes.

Flash forward four years and without any kind of major makeover, the ladies have produced an album that is anchored in stellar songwriting and a stark awareness of what makes for a meaningful, smooth electronic musical experience. It’s an album that borrows heavily from the genre’s roots but in a reverential way, not a gimmicky or lazy manner. When someone can bottle the sound of the Golden Era of electronic music and reproduce it in a thematically-relevant way in 2013, they’ve stumbled upon the Good Shit.

Inhale is chock full of the Good Shit.

Every last song on this terrific album is a keeper. It’s not revolutionary stuff, but damn it’s good. From the poppy title track with it’s pulsing sequences, to the throbbing “Come on Now”, to the terrific vocal harmonies of “Alone” (and we need to pause briefly to point out how great these women’s voices sound on this album, a tribute to top-notch production but also a perfect blending of two voices that work so well together when used the right way). The best song has to be “To the End” which is perhaps the best 80s-era electronic song we’ve heard since the 80s. It practically floats along, light as air, and as pure a confection as one could dream of.

Even the weaker songs, like the slightly pedestrian “Self Control” are better than half the genre albums released this year. It’s a high water mark that the “worst” of Inhale is still better than the best of so much of what else constitutes 2013’s musical legacy.

They aren’t coasting. This album may have been a very long time coming, but it was constructed with real care and the results are a delight. The upward climb for Marsheaux continues and if they keep producing work this good they won’t have to wait that long before scaling the very peak of the genre.

Watch: Can You Stop Me



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  1. Galaxian Driver Says:

    Very pretentious.

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