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Everything in it’s time

Posted in Observations on August 14, 2013 by softsynth

Five years ago when this blog began, it started with a promise that it would be a consistent presence on the scene. A good blog is one that consistently provides its readers with updates and new content. A poor blog is one that only connects periodically, losing any sense of momentum. In recent months it’s proved harder and harder to return to the well and it proves my own notion that the blog has run its course. I truly believe that a blog that is only an occasional afterthought is not a true resource, and it’s truly time to call it a day.

Allow me to drop the Softsynth moniker/persona just this once and write as myself. My name is Charles and I have been delighted to have been a part of the electronic community far more interconnectedly than I ever imagined I would be able to be. For a full five years. At the beginning there was a serious dearth of meaningful content on the electronic scene, save for the always present, always consistent Side-Line. Since then there have been many that have risen up and given depth to the scene, too many to name (though I would be remiss in not mentioning my daily stop at The Electricity Club).

I want to thank you for coming here to read either for the first time today or consistently over the past five years. I have endeavoured to provide some perspective on the electronic scene from a side of the ledger that enveloped the harsh to the sweet and everything in between. If the synth rules the song, it made its way here. That was my only rule.

One of the coolest things I’ve been able to witness was the normalization of electronic music as more and more artists from our stable have crossed over, had chart success and once again, as consistently rolling as the wheel of time, become “fashionable” again. It will fade and return many times over again but it was nice to be able to track its rise this time around.

Housekeeping – I will be posting through September as that month will see a ridiculous bounty of new Important releases from Goldfrapp to Chvrches, many albums I’ve been anxiously waiting for and some that are delightful surprises to hear are on their way. I would be remiss in letting this cycle pass uncommented-upon. I’ll also come back at the end of the year for our always-popular Best Electronic Albums of the Year post, but otherwise, this will be goodbye. Finally, I will be continuing the Softsynth Twitter feed. I will keep tweeting about developments on the scene and maybe even push a few microreviews so please keep your news and downloads coming and I will give them as much attention as possible, just in a different way.

Thanks again, was terrific getting to know so many of the artists I’ve written about and sorry to those bands who sent material for review I just couldn’t get to. There’s a lot of great material out there and above all, I’ll still be listening…


Review: Miss FD – Comfort for the Desolate

Posted in Review with tags on August 1, 2013 by softsynth

Miss FD, the erstwhile Frightdoll, has been a Softsynth favourite since the very beginning. That doesn’t mean we don’t listen with a critical ear, but more it suggests that distinction is earned as the result of continued extraordinary work. A consummate DIY artist, she has perfected the art of blending goth, industrial, and melodic pop together in her highly stylish cauldron. That’s not an easy combination to pull off without drifting into cliché or parody, but pull it off she does.  Continue reading