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Review: Android Lust – The Human Animal

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So much of what we review, even the material we enjoy – hell, even the material we adore – enjoyed an oft-predictable quality to it. Nothing inherently wrong with that; predictability breeds comfort and often what we seek in music is pure, out-and-out comfort. But sometimes we want to be challenged. Sometimes we want music to slap us across the back if the head and say ‘pay attention’, there’s something interesting going on here, something unique, something utterly true.

Android Lust (Shikhee) has always challenged us, always made us notice what they (she) wants to convey. There is never much subtlety in AL songs, it rides a wave of emotion, of pure, guttural id. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes truly ugly, but always powerful. Continue reading


Android Lust: A tweet for a free download

Posted in News with tags , on July 13, 2010 by softsynth

In one of the cleverest-ever marketing schemes Android Lust is offering a free download of her/their newest song,

the terrific “God in the Hole”. All you need to do is tweet about the track via here and the track is yours.

We’ve been waiting anxiously for the new Android Lust album for years now and this new track is extremely encouraging: aggressive, moody, atmospheric, catchy, and sexy as hell, as Shikhee is want to be. Very, very promising and adds further excitement to the anticipation of the new album, just two weeks away now…

Android Lust returns at last…

Posted in News with tags , on June 1, 2010 by softsynth

So so happy to report on the return of Android Lust. The pseudo-industrial act that is an alias for multi-talented musician Shikee will release a fourth full length album, The Human Animal July 27. This will be the first new product in four years – since the release of the challenging but brilliant Devour, Rise, and Take Flight. First – yay! Second, each new Android Lust album is an adventure and we couldn’t be more excited to see what Shikee has up her sleeve next.

Full tracklisting:

Intimate Stranger
Rub Me Raw
Saint Over
God in the Hole
It’s on You
The Return
A New Heaven
Into the Sun
One World
Flow (of impermanence)

Electronic music in 2010

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While not quite the promising bounty with which we were able to look toward 2009 this time last year we can look to the year ahead at a number of very exciting new releases. Goldfrapp’s 5th album is the big deal news around these here parts but we can also look forward to new material from the liked of De/Vision, Diorama, Michigan (rumoured), Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Iris, Covenant, Ashbury Heights, Android Lust, Birthday Massacre, i:scintilla, Conjure One, LCD Soundsystem, Unter Null, Miss FD, Suicide Commando, Distain, Hot Chip, Ellie Goulding and the weirdness that is Ladytron…in the form of producers for Christina Augilara (which makes Softsynth’s virtual head ache with trying to envision the results of this collaboration).

As we look forward to the new year the wheel keeps on turning and lots of great stuff to come…

NCIS – world’s dullest show = world’s coolest soundtrack?

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I confess I have never watched NCIS. I have glanced at it and it hold zero appeal for me. Total middle of the road CBS procedural. And yet their just-announced soundtrack sounds nothing short of awesome. Seems there is a very hot “goth chick” named Abby (Pauley Perrette) who works as some kind of lab monkey and we are often witness to her listening to her music on the show (I am taking all this from things I have heard about the show so I could be wildly wrong). And what awesome music it is. As a result this soundtrack is the first major airing for a number of my favorite artists and in some other cases, the widest release many have received in a very long time. The soundtrack features tracks by SKOLD vs. KMFDM (and a fabulous track it is), Solamingus, Android Lust, Collide (featuring the best track from their great new album, Two Headed Monster), Ministry, and best of all a brand new track from Nitzer Ebb, “Promises” (to tide us over until their first album since 1995’s Big Hit. Pauley Perrette herself contributes a wonderful song as well. There’s a lot of disposable crap on their as well but this collection may force me to make my first official connection to the show. 

It’s available February 10th.