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Blind Faith and Envy to call it a day

Posted in Commentary, News with tags on January 22, 2012 by softsynth

We’re guessing most who read this blog may not be super familiar with Blind Faith and Envy but for Softsynth news that the duo are about to call it a day came as a real blow. The band announced on Twitter that they would be releasing one final EP, Fake Smile and a Lullaby and then parting ways, with vocalist Charlene April (pictured) “focusing on digital art and photography” and “(t)he electronic Mastery of Dan Guenther will be carried over to his solo project titled ‘VEIN COLLECTOR’.”

Blind Faith and Envy were a most welcome part of the electronic landscape. They brought the dark but also the melodic in equal parts and the combination was indelible, They deserved a wider following and their first two albums in particular, The Charming Factor and Murder of a Girl were as good as dark-tinged synthpop-bordering on darkwave gets. April’s lovely voice in particular was a real standout (and featured on the wonderful Edge of Dawn song, “Kiss or Kill”), but as a whole, they were sometimes inconsistent but when it clicked it was magic. There are too many great BFAE songs to single out but it you want a sampling listen to “Golden Glass”, “Crowded Room”, “Slightest Wave”, “Orchid”, “I’m in a Haze”, “All My Dark Thoughts”, “How is This for Entertainment”, and “In a Crash”. Not a bad song in that bunch (they also pulled off a nifty cover of Depeche Mode’s “Shout”).

In a typical case of “don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” it just kind of felt like they would always be around and we wish we had been able to sit back and appreciate them as much as they deserved to be. Only now do we realize the extent to which we loved this band and how much they’ll be missed.

With great hope that April doesn’t give up on music entirely and with a promise to catch Vein Collector, we tip our hat to some killer output this duo graced us with, and if you’ll excuse your humble blogger he’s going to pull a bit of a BFAE marathon…

Watch: Never Ever Go Away


The Softsynth 2010 playlist

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Daunting is the idea of having to single out singles.

a) What do singles even mean in 2010? The digital age, the era of the pre-release leak, the lack of any physical “release” for all intents and purposes, the absence of any television presence where videos are played in any meaningful way – all have lead to a music world where a so-called “single” means no more than any other stand-out track on an album.

b) If breaking down the best albums in a particular genre is as daunting as it was in 2010, the idea of having to attack the mountain of meaningful electronic songs and somehow rank them in a consequential way is beyond the mental capacity of this blogger.

That said, each year there rises an honour roll of sorts, in absolutely no particular order at all, no “first”, no “last” . just those songs (yes, usually singles, but not always) that were constantly on the Softsynth playlist this year; those songs that resonated and rose above the conclave, the 30 “best” electronic songs of 2010. Continue reading

(mini) Review: Blind Faith and Envy – Into the Calm

Posted in Review with tags , on April 17, 2010 by softsynth

We’ve had this EP from Arizona’s Blind Faith and Envy for over two weeks and we’ve been trying to formulate a coherent opinion to little avail. Reviewing EPs can be difficult at the best of times what with short playlists and few overriding themes. In this case the newest work from this duo is neither the awesome electro-pop from their first two albums or the mundane mediorcracy of their last full length album, Media Motel. It’s also a hard review because even after ten (!) full listens we still couldn’t say if we truly enjoy this work or not.

One obvious winner stands out right away. “In a Crash” is a wonderful mid-tempo number that evokes an earlier era (with a lovely, multi-tracked vocals from singer Charlene April sounding bizarrely like Avril Lavigne…), but beyond this sublime track it becomes murkier… Continue reading

March madness

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As we swerve head-long into March Softsynth is excited about the spate of new releases from an assortment of some of our very favourite bands. A sampling of the March goodness:

Absurd Minds: Serve or Suffer – March 5

De/Vision: Popgefahr – March 9

Diorama: Cubed – March 19 (check out their new video for “Child of Entertainment” at the link below – despite the horrific lipsyncing we’re diggin’ the tune…)

Psy’Aviah: Eclectric – March 19

Goldfrapp: Head First – March 22

The Girl and the Robot: The Beauty of Decay – March 26

Blind Faith and Envy: Into the Calm – March ??? (they are still saying March but no actual date yet…hmm…)

Continue reading

Quick trip around the interwebs: Covenant album on hold

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Every few months Softsynth takes a trip around about 100 web sites for our favourite bands, especially those who have been quiet for a while. We learned today that Sweden’s Covenant have put their new album Modern Ruin on hold as their label reorganizes. Sad news as it could be another six months (!) before we see what has been shaping up to be a very promising new work. Meanwhile their US tour will go ahead even without the new album to promote. Hm. Continue reading

Blind Faith and Envy

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I was alerted to this Tucson, Arizona-based band at the announcement of their new album Media Motel. In the meantime I picked up their previous albums, The Charming Factor and Murder of a Girl, each of which is brilliant. They bill themselves as darkwave, which I find amusing as they are more traditional synthpop than almost anyone on the scene right now. Singer Charlene April has a lovely voice that lends itself beautifully to electronic music (see also: her appearance on Edge of Dawn’s “Kiss or Kill”), but this is hardly edgy stuff. It doesn’t need to be. They do what they do very, very well. Continue reading