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Review: And One – Bodypop 1 ½

Posted in Review with tags , on February 3, 2009 by softsynth

So after many months of delays we have And One’s newest album and quite an adventure it is too. And by adventure I mean the kind where you are lost in a foreign jungle where nothing makes sense and everything seems just slightly wrong vis-a-vis everything you otherwise knew. 

And One have often been pretty hit and miss (more miss than hit, truth be told, but when they hit the nail on the head it has really, peculiarly worked) over the years but their last album, Bodypop, was a delightful surprise. The bass a little punchier, the percussion a little heavier, the songcraft a little hookier, the album packed a nice punch. The lyrics were as ever, odd to say the least (blame the awkward German-English translation as much as anything but it still made for some entertaining moments), but songs like “Love You Until the End”, the stilted George Bush bashing “Master Master”, or the self-explanatory “Military Fashion Show”, stood up to the passage of time nicely and still bear listening with some regularity. The album was a real winner. Continue reading