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Those electronic bands that we hoped would release an album in 2012 but didn’t quite get around to it

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As fans of electronic music one can’t help look forward to 2013 even it means another painful rising of inevitably-dashed expectations of another Depeche Mode album. So many of the greats are releasing new albums – we’ve gone over the list ad nauseam, no need to revisit the list, if they are electronic and awesome, they pretty much definitely have a new album coming out in the next 12 months.

But some of the stuff we’re looking forward to the most are those artists who have yet to release a full album and we had some real hopes we would see one this year but didn’t. You know who you are. Yes you, Vile Electrodes, Sinestar, Curxes and Chvrches, you dirty shirkers, all lazy, playing your “concerts” and building a “following”. Enough of all that, Daddy wants some sugar. Continue reading


The holiday playlist

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So it’s December and all that and while Softsynth may seem the cynic, he still appreciates the holiday season. In fact now that the Month of Ho is upon us the Softsynth Holiday Playlist has been added to the iPod and is in full play mode. This year’s playlist will be familiar to those who have followed this blog lo these last few years, and as always, if you know of something that should be here that isn’t (yet) shout ‘er out! Continue reading

The 2011 Softsynth playlist

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So, as we do every year, we have assembled the individual songs that made up the soundtrack for Softsynth this year. We are generally more about albums than singles but there are individual songs that stand on their own as outstanding. Some of these come from albums we found underwhelming as a whole, some were one-off singles, or standouts from excellent EPs.

We don’t do a singles list because as often as not it’s album tracks that get us all hot and bothered but the song collection that truly moved us, our “top 25 songs” to go with our albums of the year, starts with the following: Continue reading

The Best Electronic Albums of 2011

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This has been something of a peculiar year for electronic music. Some of the most compelling music from the genre has come from unsigned or yet-to-record-an-album bands. Discoveries like Curxes, Vile Electrodes and Nightlife provided some of the most alive, exciting and dynamic electronic music of the year. It was a year where EPs, instead of full albums, which we measure here today, brought us some of the most interesting glimpses of how good electronic music can be from the likes of Softsynth mainstay Miss FD, The Golden Filter, Tenek, or the three aforementioned bands (perhaps the latest example of how differently we now consume music in the digital age). And it was a year when many of the bands that make up the very foundation of this blog and this blogger’s bedrock musical interests, released new albums only to fall flat. In a year when Erasure, Ladytron, VNV Nation, M83, She Wants Revenge, And One and The Human League released new work it felt like assembling this year’s chart would be a pre-ordained affair, and yet it was surprises, resurfaces and new discoveries that provided the real fodder for our best of the year list in 2011. It was a year when Amy Lee of Evanescence, of all people would give us one of our most compelling electronic songs of the year, covering a Muppets song no less. There were curve balls but ultimately, as is the case every year, the best of the best rises to the top… Continue reading

Softsynth Flavour of the Month – Curxes

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We don’t “champion” a lot of bands but one can safely rest assured we shall be Curxes. This UK duo is one of the most exciting new electronic bands to come along in many, many moons. At a time when so many of our old standbys have been releasing disappointing work it’s so exhilarating, so oddly, almost confoundingly reassuring to hear a band like this stumble into our lives. Some months ago we heard “The Constructor” which we liked but caught amidst a wash of new music at the time it was rather forgotten. Flash forward to the single “Creatures/Jaws” and we were suddenly smitten. We dusted off the older song and heard the beauty therein. Add in the lush, gorgeous “Spires” and they are batting 1000 for recorded work. After weathering comparisons to the likes of Depeche Mode it’s important to note how original this band actually are. While “Jaws” almost recalls a post-punk Joy Devisiony sound, their other tracks-to-date defy easy comparison beyond an effect here or a choral note there. They are wholly something new unto themselves. And to boot, we can’t recall an electronic band that managed to sound so “organic”. They’re not just good, they’re interesting and fucking exiting. Plus, how cool is that band name…?

We managed to catch up with the band members Roberta Fidora and Macaulay Hopwood to throw a few questions their way: Continue reading