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Review: Hot Chip – In Our Heads

Posted in Review with tags on July 18, 2012 by softsynth

The more one is a fan of a band, the more vested in their continued output, the more angsty one can get in anticipation of successive releases. We’ve been big fans of Hot Chip since the very beginning, particularly digging their last two albums, Made in the Dark and One Life Stand, which we reviewed somewhat rapturously on this very blog. So it is that we greet their new album, In Our Heads with great anticipation and the usual bit of nervousness – what next hath thou wrought, Hot Chip?

Well, for one thing they’ve gone and busted out the disco machines in full force. This is a dance album through and through. Hot Chip have finally gone all the way over and become a disco act. Unfortunately, and perhaps a little surprisingly (since = who better to embrace their white suits and medallions?) it doesn’t work and the result is a diminished act. Continue reading


Review: Hot Chip – One Life Stand

Posted in Review with tags , on January 26, 2010 by softsynth

Boy, the difference between a first listen to a new album and subsequent listens can be pretty stark. Never more so than when discovering the newest from the UK’s Hot Chip. Their 2008 release Made in the Dark was just this side of revelatory with constantly unexpected bursts of energy, weird rhythms, lots of stop-start-explain what we’re doing now breaks. It was both fun and challenging at the same time. Their challenge to follow-up such an interesting piece of work was stiff.

Coming into this release the five piece sent up two songs, the brilliant title track,  the most infectious, fun, damn catchy single released thus far this year (okay we’re about four weeks into “this year” but still…) and the darker, unusual-for-this-band “Take It In” which has been compared to Depeche Mode which is nonsense but it is more bass-heavy, dark and gothy than we’ve ever heard Hot Chip and the one-two punch of these teasers made for great anticipation for the album to come. Continue reading

Coachella looks sweet for the electronic fan

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The new Coachella lineup has been officially announced and it’s killing Softsynth at our inability to attend this year (next year is planned but that was before this killer line up materialized). Lots of our favourite artists from all genres are on tap but in the electronic vibe our community is particularly well represented, not least of which by Gary Numan and Little Boots who appear on the same day (and we would imagine will revisit their awesome collaboration on the Velvet Underground’s “Venus in Furs”, see below).

Also: La Roux, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, MGMT, Devo (freaking DEVO!), The Big Pink, Phoenix, and a slew of smaller, less well known genre bands. (And beyond electronic music the chance to see Muse, The Dead Weather, Public Image Ltd, Gorillaz, Dirty Projectors, Thom Yorke and Pavement all on one bill is enough to give us a case of the vapors.)

Killing. Softynth. Want to go so very much.

If you’re in Southern California April 16-18 so very worth checking out…

Watch: Venus in Furs

Electronic music in 2010

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While not quite the promising bounty with which we were able to look toward 2009 this time last year we can look to the year ahead at a number of very exciting new releases. Goldfrapp’s 5th album is the big deal news around these here parts but we can also look forward to new material from the liked of De/Vision, Diorama, Michigan (rumoured), Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Iris, Covenant, Ashbury Heights, Android Lust, Birthday Massacre, i:scintilla, Conjure One, LCD Soundsystem, Unter Null, Miss FD, Suicide Commando, Distain, Hot Chip, Ellie Goulding and the weirdness that is Ladytron…in the form of producers for Christina Augilara (which makes Softsynth’s virtual head ache with trying to envision the results of this collaboration).

As we look forward to the new year the wheel keeps on turning and lots of great stuff to come…

Hot Chip blast back as weird and awesome as ever

Posted in News with tags , on December 12, 2009 by softsynth

Hot Chip have a tradition of weird-ass videos. Their latest is for their awesome old-school-style single “One Life Stand”, the title track from their forthcoming (February) album. We don’t discuss videos here much but this one is super-cool and worth the plug. Enjoy (sorry, can’t embed)…