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Review: How to Destroy Angels – Welcome Oblivion

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We loved the first EP and all the early signs were this was an exciting project that was going to have a real impact. Then came the An Omen EP and things suddenly seemed to stall, matters became frozen in a dull stasis. So as we waited for the first full-length album we weren’t sure if the trendlines were all that promising. And in fact as we delved into the songs for the first, oh, 40 or so listens we still weren’t sure, but damn if there aren’t some lovely subtle, beautifully layered songs packed tightly into this mix. Continue reading


Alright 2012, whatcha got for us…?

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So, 2011 is now on the way to the compost heap and we sweep the hearth clean in anticipation of what 2012 will bring. Lots of good stuff on the electronic music horizon, fortunately mostly slated for the early part of the year, which is a good thing as we’ll get to enjoy some good new music in advance of the looming apocalypse in the fall (or is it the spring? We get our apocoli confused).

Our list is topped by Assemblage 23’s Bruise (supposed to be out this fall, but we’ll take it whenever Mr. Shear wants to deliver it, so terrific was his last A23 album); and after hearing sensational advance tracks from Bunny Lake their The Sound Of Sehnsucht is also high on our anticipated list. But these two are far from alone. 2012 looks to be replete with potential awesomeness, to whit: Continue reading

The Softsynth 2010 playlist

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Daunting is the idea of having to single out singles.

a) What do singles even mean in 2010? The digital age, the era of the pre-release leak, the lack of any physical “release” for all intents and purposes, the absence of any television presence where videos are played in any meaningful way – all have lead to a music world where a so-called “single” means no more than any other stand-out track on an album.

b) If breaking down the best albums in a particular genre is as daunting as it was in 2010, the idea of having to attack the mountain of meaningful electronic songs and somehow rank them in a consequential way is beyond the mental capacity of this blogger.

That said, each year there rises an honour roll of sorts, in absolutely no particular order at all, no “first”, no “last” . just those songs (yes, usually singles, but not always) that were constantly on the Softsynth playlist this year; those songs that resonated and rose above the conclave, the 30 “best” electronic songs of 2010. Continue reading

Trent, Peter Murphy et al being awesome

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Just a quick ‘un. Thanks to SideLine for the heads up, but this delicious bit of awesomeness is courtesy of Trent Reznor, Jeordie White, Peter Murphy and Atticus Ross. Loved the original by The Normal (global treasure, Daniel Miller), may love this even more. Worth sharing.

Between How to Destroy Angels and these out takes Reznor has been posting on the NIN site, he and Ross have been producing some of the most fun music out there currently.

Enjoy: Warm Leatherette

Review: How to Destroy Angels – How to Destroy Angels

Posted in Review with tags , on June 5, 2010 by softsynth

Trent Reznor making noise of closing the door on Nine Inch Nails was horrifyingly depressing but if he can make music as interesting, challenging and oft-awesome as the debut from How to Destroy Angels we might weather the storm better than we anticipated.

The project is the result of a collaboration between Reznor, his wife Mariqueen and producer/tech guy/long time NIN collaborator Atticus Ross and it’s a dilly. The first product is a self-titled six song ep and it’s one of the most thought-provoking and fascinating releases of 2010. Continue reading

More How to Destroy Angels

Posted in News with tags on May 17, 2010 by softsynth

Yeah, keep this stuff coming. First video from Trent Reznor’s new band How to Destroy Angels featuring his wife Mariqueen Maandig on vocals – teh awesome and super creepy. If there isn’t to be new Nine Inch Nails material for the time being so be it as long as what he’s up to is as very cool as this, more please…

Watch: The Space In Between

Trent Reznor cranking out a new project?

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Rumours are flying that the new band How to Destroy Angels is actually Nine Inch Nails impresario Trent Reznor and his wife, Mariqueen Maandig. Sure sounds like it could be from the clip they made available on their newly launched web site. Not sure with any certainly but either way, we’re ingregued. As long as Reznor is making music we’re sated and if it’s something this promising so much the better. And if by chance this is not Reznor, then good on whoever this really is for the extra publicity (but we still think it’s him…